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Flashing with Phoenix

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Note : Must be fully charged before you flash FW

First OF All Download Phoenix

1. Turn off the phone, remove the battery

2. Plug the cable into the phone to connect to PC

3. First open Phoenix ( in  "Run As Administrator" Mode)

4. Click on File , Open Product as shown below

Posted Image

5. Phoenix FW list will appear, click on the cell type filter , and type RM-697 , and then click OK, as shown below

Posted Image

6. Click on Tab Flashing , select Firmware Update , as shown below

Posted Image

7. Click the box as shown below to select FW

Posted Image

8. Select as shown below, Then Click OK

[img width=442 height=420] 002.jpg

9. Then click Options , delete the two files that have been zoned as shown in Figure (step 1)

[img width=510 height=420] 003.jpg

10. Then select Add as shown above, it will pop up dialog box, select the Hack file which you have extracted on the Desktop or Anywhere else, then choose the parameters as shown in the figure below, then select OK

Posted Image

11. At the Advanced Options dialog box of DP2.0 Firmware Update, click OK, as shown below

[img width=508 height=420] 005.jpg

12. At Firmware Update dialog box, choose Phoenix refurbish a dialog box will appear

At this time you click OK in the dialog box, insert the battery and hit "switch on button" for second, as shown below

[img width=521 height=420] 006.jpg

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yeah, I will update it with download link for phoenix and all the essential tools :)

thanks mate...this will be greatz...all over the internet have many variants type of tutorial and completely make newbie like me confuse...this will be really helpful...i'm surely will advise all my fren use this tutorial once u have it updated.... :D :D :D :D

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