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Nokia NFC Games(beta) from nokia beta lab


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Phone compatibility Nokia 600, 603, 700, 701 with Symbian Belle. Nokia C7 Astound (from T-Mobile) (Symbian Anna not required). Nokia C7-00 (Symbian Anna Software Update required). Nokia Oro with Symbian Anna. Download and install via PC 1.Download the .zip file for the apps.  2.Unzip the file on your PC. 3.Copy BOTH the .jad and .jar files to the SAME FOLDER on your phone via Bluetooth or USB. 4.We suggest creating a folder E:\NFCGames to hold the .jad and .jar files On your phone, run Apps->Files in Symbian Belle, or Apps->Office->File Manager in Symbian Anna. Find the .jad file (e.g., in E:\NFCGames\) and open it to start the installation Note these versions install under a name that has "(Beta)" in it.  This is to avoid conflicts with the final releases.  When you install a future public        release,please uninstall the Beta version. There are currently 3 different games: 1.Nokia Shakespeare Shuffle 2.Nokia Nursery Rhyme Shuffle 3.Nokia World Flags download it from attach below... #Moderator...this is my first time open new post...let me know if i breaks the forum guide.... :) :) :) :)







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