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Imsy Messenger s^3/Anna/Belle [Update: v1.02] Smiley support & Improved UI


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Imsy is a push messenger app like Whatsapp & BB Messenger, but its completely free and works on all Android, Iphone, Windows Phone 7 & Symbian OS

Main Features:

-  Very little effect on battery usage,

-  Turn on/off notification message,

-  Small inbuilt app like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (new), Horoscope, News, Community Chat etc.

-  Android Smiley Support

-  Install this app and find out more

Cross Platform

Imsy works on most smartphones - iPhone, Android, Symbian; and also iPod and iPad.

No Passwords

Imsy works with your phone number. No user names, passwords or inviting friends.


Create groups for friends, colleagues and message at one go. Make plans, laugh at jokes. Together.

Social Networks

Update your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn status by simply typing a message in Imsy.

Free Messaging

Messaging your friends is absolutely free. No costs. Ever.


Why just send text? Attach photos, videos, location and much more.

Lightning Fast

Imsy messages are delivered instantly. You can even see your friend typing!

Content Alerts

Receive content alerts of choice in your inbox. Daily horoscope, weather, stocks and much more.

[edited: 31/02/2012]

What's new in this version v1.02

- Message notification sound bug fixed – now follows phone’s profile setting.

- Fixed bug that cause app crashing while Predictive Input mode was selected on N-series and E-series phones.

Previous Versions

[edited: 05/01/2012]

What's new in this version v1.01

- Easier way of adding emoticons to messages on N-series and E-series phones

- Better preview of photos and location attachments

- Fixed bug that caused suggested images to overlap emoticons on some phones

- Performance improvements and other bug fixes

[edited: 10/12/2011]

Finally the long waited updated to Imsy is here with improved UI and smiley support

What's new in this version v1.00

- Support for emoticons

- New, smarter UI for message notifications (Symbian)

- New tabbed interface (iPhone)

- Removed support for sending messages to non-Imsy users, to avoid user confusion about free and charged messages

- No sound on notifications from messages sent by Apps

- New, more pleasant message notification sound

- Ability to Refresh Contacts manually, to see if new friends have joined Imsy

- Option to recommend Imsy to friends on Facebook

- Several UI improvements

- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Posted Image

Smiley Feature Added in v1.0 shown below

Posted Image

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