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Nokia 5230|5233-RM-588,625,Risen based on C6v40{released} best cfw i ever made


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the best thing is Nokia N8 mods used many by djraz

In this my work is hard because in my last cfw many bugs in that cfw so

this time 99% bugless cfw with speed

Team Risen







Iphone kinetic scrolling

System Cache switched to All Drives for more faster phone!

Radio RDS Completely fixed

Much more faster screen rotation

Most Important: Solved all the bugs present

removed apps





ovi maps

ovi sycn

ovi store

nokia chat

some mods added

                                            N8 Equalizer with single touch Activation

Auto rotate Alphanumeric to Qwerty added (like 5800!)

Highly Improved and Polished UI & Games Performance!

Browser Cache changed to Memory Card and increased to 32 MB

Restart option added! (by CODeRUS)

Press '0' to Switch Bluetooth

No apps will run and leave in background. Get more RAM!!

Smooth Brightness Added. Check it out!

Touch screen vibration decreased (saves Battery)

Delete button added in Gallery

Camera mod by Akshay523x:

-Touch Camera button working

-Hardware Cam Button for RKY mod users

-Video-Image mode switching easily (Flash replaced)

-Gallery button instead of Share online after capturing image or video

-Flash is OFF by default

-Fixed "Camera: Already in Use" bug for Image & Video Capture


performance Cool

Highly Increased Application/Gaming frame rates

Increased Response Rate (Now touchscreen will be more responsive)

CPU frames render was increased.This will result in a smooth phone experience.

Graphical Complexity reduced. Performance Booster without any side effects.

Music Player response highly increased (Instantly pauses/plays on clicking the buttons)

Reduced effects complexity which should result in a speed increase.

Increased Heap Size further to boost up performance

Lags in Menu, messaging and Other Large Applications removed

Polished the UI for heavy usage

Phone will never slow down and the RAM won't be decreasing (RAM Caching modded)

Free RAM after startup : 61.6MB in 5230

Average RAM: 56-64 MB free

Smooth Kinetic Scrolling

Music Player is now a lot more faster!

CPU mod optimized to get complete stability and a great battery life!

"Restart" Option instead of "Lock Screen and Keys" in Power Menu by CODeRUS.


C5 tap to Unlock added.

PC/OVI Suite will recognise your phone as Nokia C6. However every website including OVI Store will recognise your phone as C6

Camera will not eat RAM after closing it.

Default Browser user agent changed to the one of N97 mini. So OVI store and some other sites will recognise your phone as Nokia N97 mini

C5-03 Keyboard Layout added.

Swap Buttons "OK" and "Mode Switch" in Alpha-numeric keyboard for port N97

Camera Sound will be disabled if you use Capture Tone 3


"Nokia Tune" from N8 added.

 Display lights timeout time set to 30 seconds and automatic keyguard time set to 40 seconds.

Default bluetooth name: pixel ultimate

USB now will name as n97

RAM Cache in all:\ for better performance

Blazing Fast Screen Rotation

CPU load decreased (Get a very fast phone)

Disabled lock/unlock vibration

Disabled My Nokia Service

Zero start up of background applications

Auto optimization of RAM cache for keeping up your phone faster even after heavy usage

Default Web Browser bookmarks are edited.

Lags in Menu removed. The Kinetic Scrolling is optimized (It is no very fast not very slow)

Display rotation is OFF by default

Breathing light is OFF by default

24H Digital clock set as default. N8 Clock fonts used so the digital clock now looks like the N8 clock

Operator Logo ON/OFF settings available in homescreen settings

Delivery Reports ON by default in Messaging

Theme effects are OFF by default

Removed "Automatic Check for Updates" function that appears after flash.

"Summary after call" and "speed dialing" ON by default

"In call timer" ON by default

Call volume is set to maximum by default.

Profile "General" renamed to "Pixel ultimate"

Homescreen landscape enabled. Dialer landscape disabled

Lags in Messaging apps removed




















RM 588

RM-625 Pm me

All mods used so no need to put mods in my cfw




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