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Galaxy S II Exynos Extreme 7.0 ★ XXKI3 2.3.5


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Galaxy S 2 Exynos Extreme 7.0 ? XXKI3 2.3.5

Posted Image


- Based on XXKI3 2.3.5

- Rooted (Thanks to ChainFire) - CWM 4 included

- Multi CSC

- Deodexed

- Zipaligned (+on every boot)

- CRT OFF Screen (enable it from JKAY with no glitch or issue!!)

- New animations and new icons

- Removed that unuseful Samsung apps

- Browser Lagfix

- Memory Tweak

- Battery Saver Settings

- Disabled full charge notifications

- Detailed battery mod with %

- Advanced Power Menu

- Ad block via hosts file

- Pull down status bar trasparency

- Modified Messaging System (thanks to muveszur)

- Kernel tweaks

- Including Touchwiz4 NEW and Launcher2 (AOSP launcher)

- Newest Marketplace

- Non-incremental ringtone

- Ram Tweaks

- Kernel Tweaks

- New Vincenzo91 memory management settings

- Super3G: increased data speed, plus more TCP/IP tweaks by Vincenzo91

- Optional Overclocking and Undervolting via SetCPU version

- Zipalign script at boot

- New Vincenzo91 settings to boost RAM and global speed and smoothness

Posted Image

[img width=252 height=420] 34037885.png

[img width=252 height=420]http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/8149/11121202.png

[img width=252 height=420] 57007461.png

[img width=252 height=420] 95084756.png

[img width=252 height=420] 89889894.png


1. First of all download Exynos Base System: (this will wipe all your data)

2. Download EXYNOS Update

3. Put those files in your internal SD

3. Flash from CWM -> EXYNOS3.X_Base_System.zip (base system)

4. Let the system boot up until you see the homescreen

5. Put the phone in RECOVERY MODE

6. Flash from CWM -> ExynosX.X_update.zip

7. Reboot and enjoy

How to update from older Exynos System:

1. Download Exynos Update

2. Put the zip in your internal SD

3. Put the phone in RECOVERY MODE

4. Flash from CWM -> ExynosX.X_update.zip

5. Reboot and enjoy

VERY First time install:

1. Download the latest release of "Exynos" ROM

2. Put the zip in your SD CARD

3. Put your phone to DOWNLOAD MODE

4. Install CWM flashing this  kernel from ODIN

5. Attach the TAR in Odin as "PDA"


7. Flash the package


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