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Best Core File To Use For Your Cfw

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Best Core File To Use For Your CFW





Hello to all Gizmolord forum members and guests,


It has been a long time since i posted and i can definitely see that there has been less and less posts and topics on this forum (at least for the S60V5 section, navratn would agree) so i thought it might be time to just add a quick though important and effective post.


So can the admin, Navratn, please pin this for future members and guests looking through this section.


Core Files


So when you flash you must use this, a requirement for the phone to work, in terms of the files needed of course. Though you may be wondering why i said the 'best' core file to use. Of course when you download CFW such as Blaze Ultimate, they want you to download the Binh24's refresh core file to use with the rofs2 and uda for Blaze Ultimate CFW though i have been testing out some comparisons of the core file between the Binh24 Refresh Core and several others and i get RAM differences, and odd result but a true one never the less.


My phone currently in use is the Nokia 5800 running SkyFire Redefined on v (S60V5).





So that brings me to what i want to say, personally i think that the use of:




is the fastest and best core file, though i am not so sure about this though i would like people to try both the Binh24's Refresh Core and Symbian Latino's Symbian Anna v7.9 Core to spot any RAM differences. Personally i noticed an increase of at least 5 MB of RAM while using the Symbian Latino Core to the Refresh Core.


Though it is not to say it might just be me, so please try out the core differences especially in a CFW such as Blaze Ultimate (do not try Vanilla as it is not as stable as ultimate) or Skyfire Redefined.


When flashing just change only the core files, keep the Rofs2 and/or Rofs3 and UDA files the same.


The download links to both core files are below, reply if the links are not working at any one given time:


Symbian Latino's 'Symbian ANNA v 7.9' Core file download (Mediafire link, only take out the core file and use with the desired cfw's Rofs2 or Rofs3 or UDA files):                   






Binh24's Refresh Core file download (Mediafire link also use WinRAR to open the 7z file the core is stored in.): 





Reply if you have any other finding's.
















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