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How to enable partial multitasking in s40v3,v5 and v6 phones by Anindya1989


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Applications can be minimized in all S60 phones by pressing the Home Key but in case of S40 phones it was impossible. But there is a trick with which you can minimize the Java Applications in S40 phones as well . Procedure Steps. 1-Download JAF on pc. 2-Connect your Phone with pc in PC-Suite Mode. 3-Open JAF and go to BB5 Tab. 4-Tick the following. a-Read pp. b-Normal Mode. c-CRT 308(Already Ticked). 5-Now Click Service. 6-Save the *.pp file on Desktop. 7-Open the *.pp file in Notepad. 8-In case the Phone is- a-Nokia s40 v3 then Search for 28 1 line and change it to 28 2 b-Nokia s40 v5 then Search for 48 and change it to 48 2 c-In case there is no 48 or 28 then add the Appropriate line i.e 48 2 or 28 2. to the first row. 9-Save the *.pp 10-Open JAF>BB5 Tab. 11-Tick the following: a-Upload pp b-Normal Modec CRT-308 (Already Ticked) 12-Click on Service. 13-Select the *.pp File. 14-After it shows Done, Select Normal Mode from the Drop Down Menu. 15-Phone will Restart and show "Test in RNDIS USB mode?" Press NO. This popup will be shown on every restart. This is normal.. Now we have successfully disabled the Nokia Security wall. Edit Java Application. Steps 1-Copy the Java(.jar) application to the computer. 2-Open the *.jar file with WinRAR. 3-Browse to Meta-Inf Folder and Open it. 4-Open the Manifest.MF file in Notepad. 5-At the end of the codes add this line Nokia-MIDlet-no-exit: true 6-Save the notepad file. 7-Click on Yes when WinRAR asks to Update the Archive. 8-Copy the *.jar file to Nokia. To Minimize the Application Open the application and press the Red button once. To Restore the Application Go to the folder where the application is and then press on the application once. Thats it. If you like my work please hit thanks.

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i dunno if i can call this an error,jaf just aborting the process..,my problem start at step 12, if i click the service my phone is shutting down..i didnt select yet the required file according to step 13..and when im trying to open my phone using the power button i see a text on my screen says ''test mode''..

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