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I wanted Pantech burst headphones volume booster ! PLIS HELP MY ROOTED !


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I don't think you can boost the volume if you are using stocked ICS based ROM. Even ROM like Gizmolord v4rc7 which has DSP manager baked in, it's" only there for the show because Pantech bursts' sound effect program is still running in the background. You know the one where you can pick 7.1 surround sound.  My suggestion are either find a way to disable the bursts sound effect,  and download app like "equalizer". Else you have to use cm10 or its derivative  like AKOP. Then you can use DSP manager or other volume boosting app to boost the sound. Sent From my PantechP9070 on cm10 using Tapatalk

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I can say slimbean has the best sound, even it doesnt have any dsp or equalizer installed.

Flowed from Burst !

I'm not that happy with burst loudspeaker at all from start . It gives poor audio quality compared to others also low audible to others  . But after all price also matters :P
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