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Resurrection Remix 3.1.2(JB) for Galaxy S3


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Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300


All credits goes to Resurrection Remix Team.

About Resurrection Remix AOKP Edition:

Since version 1.2 of Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on AOKP, CM9/10 and original Remix ROM builds, this creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to your Device

Many things that in previous versions were tweaked with mods, are now included by default in the ROM so, please enjoy!

August 5th 2012, saw Resurrection Remix is release for Samsung Galaxy SIII (GT-I9300) devices.

November 1st 2012, Resurrection Remix released for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (N8000) devices.

Special thanks to the AOKP team, the CM9/10 team, and of course to all the supporters

Screen Shots:

[img width=236 height=420]http://img427.yukle.tc/images/8005Screenshot_2012-11-02-18-08-36.png[img width=236 height=420]http://img429.yukle.tc/images/2023Screenshot_2012-11-02-15-25-48.png[img width=236 height=420]http://img428.yukle.tc/images/8486Screenshot_2012-11-02-15-25-23.png

[img width=236 height=420]http://img426.yukle.tc/images/3670Screenshot_2012-11-02-15-26-07.png[img width=236 height=420]http://img428.yukle.tc/images/4337Screenshot_2012-11-02-15-26-45.png[img width=236 height=420]http://img429.yukle.tc/images/779Screenshot_2012-11-02-15-27-25.png

[img width=236 height=420]http://img428.yukle.tc/images/842Screenshot_2012-11-03-22-24-18.png[img width=236 height=420]http://img429.yukle.tc/images/6457Screenshot_2012-11-02-15-26-30.png

Included Mods:

  • -Toggles

    -Center Clock/No clock/Right Clock

    -AM/PM display

    -AOKP clocks and Digital Clock

    -New Wallpapers

    -Volume rocker moves cursor when keyboard is open (optional)

    -Nova/Stock launcher included

    -%1 battery mod and CircleMod battery

    -Brightness adjustable via statusbar if auto brightness is disabled. It even shows your current brightness percentage as you slide!

    -There's also a "Emergency Broadcast Settings" that allows you to check/uncheck for notifications of "Amber Alerts" and other such Local Emergencies. I personally haven't seen this yet in the other Jelly Builds.

    -Change NavBar targets and long-press actions

    -Battery Bar

    -Change NavBar height

    -Volume Panel (Volume Rocker allows you to change ALL volume levels in one Menu)

    -Notification Counter

    -Disable Boot Animation

    -AOKP Statistics

    -Device Options (Color Tweaks)

    -Led Options (Color and Pulse Rate)

    -NFC Polling Mode (NFC with Screen Off or Locked)

    -Theme Engine

    -Quiet Hours

    -T9 Dialer

    -Notification Shade Wallpaper Changer (And Transparency)

    -Lockscreen Wallpaper Changer

    -Wait To Lock Screen

    -Volume Wake

    -Quick Pin Unlock

    -Phone Face-Down Ringer Setting (Silent/Vibrate)

    -Headphones Plugged in Ringer Setting (Silent/Vibrate)

    -Bluetooth Connection Ringer Setting (Silent/Vibrate)

    -Lockscreen Weather

    -Performance/Color Settings

    -Brightness Control Slider

    -Added Device (Color) Settings To Maguro

    -Flip Phone To Silence Incoming Call

    -NavBar Open/Close Notification Shade Option

    -A Plethora of BugFixes and Updated Translations

added usb mass storage option

fixed NFC connection issues (thanks to Taker18)

updated from latest cm10 sources

updated framwork res ( hdpi)

fixes some graphic glitch (gmail etc)

middle lockscreen,clock,date weather etc

added 4.2 clock app

added 4.2 keyboard

added 4.2 camera ( orginal 4.1.2 camera still there )

updated trebuchet launcher

added cm file manager

fixed A2DP bluetooth connection issues

fixed all issues from 3.1.1

Based on aokp milestone 1 and latest cm 10 sources

Adjustable NavBar width

Allow "Vibrate on Touch" behavior for Slide unlock

Toggles can be hidden like in ICS - long press on the Settings button!

Clickable (short & long configurable) Clock and Calendar in the Notification Slider

opt?mus 4x Transparent  lockscreen (rom control) thanks to Task & Ktoonsez

fixed gps issues

added browser settings (settings)

added DSP sound preferences (settings)

added JB gapps 20121011 to aroma (No need to install additional zip)

improved wakelocks

improved peformance

and more ...

based and on latest aokp and cm10 JB 4.1.2 sources

updated siyah kernel 1.7 RC1

upadated latest gapps (included in rom)

Custom NavBar for Tablets

NavBar widgets are back from ICS

Highly customizable Lockscreen Ring targets,

Alternate default app picker (like in GB)

Menu UI Overflow Toggle

Option to disable vibration for Notification expansion

RAM Bar in the Recents panel

Timeout and instant lock options for Slide lock

VPN Traffic amount in human readable formats

added cm10 trebuchet launcher and settings edited for RR

added resurrection settings (updater,kernel and performans,file mananger ,call settings,alarms,launchers

resurrection settings translated in (turkish and deutsch) language

added rocket launcher shortcut to settings (hidded jb feature)

weather icon informations impoved (day and night )

added latest gmail 4.1.2

added options to update me (inverted gtalk & orginal gtalk

added options to update me (default & resized fonts)

added options to update me (bottom ,default,and orginal system ui notifications

added x-plore file manager to aroma

file manager improved

updated inverted gapps

and many more improvements

Updated siyah kernel v1.6.3

Custom NavBar Ring on tablets

Force dual panel view on any device

Flip or shake your device to snooze/dismiss the alarm (check alarm settings)

Take screenshot from NavBar

HW Composer and memory leak totally fixed

Updated from latest cm source

Brand new HD weather icons

improved scrolling

updated default youtube app

removed experia launcher 

updated siyah kernel 1.6 RC2

Better Ram performans(tweaked)

updated latest cm sources

improved hw comp /memory leaks

hacked and fixed bluetooth (can recieve apk files)

SMS QuickReply Default & inverted

Stopwatch & Countdown in the Clock app (CM)

Expert Calculator functions (Graph, Matrices, etc.) (CM)

IME Switcher & Vib/Ring toggle as NavRing target

fixed add custom ringtone

fixed inverted gtalk issues

added bottom and blue default notification planel with middle clock (aroma)

Custom Ring targets

Allow up to 7 Nav buttons on some devices

IME Toggler

Hide ADB icon

Allow disabling of volume adjust sound

Hide signal bars


WiFi & Cell signal text

Allow rotation on any device

Added back Info-Lines (Weather, Calendar)

Menu unlock

Alternative music layout

Timer snapshot

Volume zoom

updated latest cm10 camera features issues fixed

Display full date & time mms

Kill all button in Recents panel

Backlight settings

Tablet UI on any device

DPI switcher

Custom Vibrations for Phone Calls

ADB over network

National Data Roaming option

Volume music controls

LED Brightness control

Charging LED

Boot animation preview

Allow full theming of Contacts & Mms

Allow to set color of Digital Clock Widget

Power menu options (airplane, screenshot, navbar toggle)

Ability to answer calls with hardware Home button

-a2dp bt connection fixed 

-camera improved 

-( fixed )some games doesnt start

-added quick reply mms default + inverted 

-added new notificat?on panel with blue fonts center clock

-added bottom notification mod to aroma( thanks to thepsyntyst)

-sound improved 

-nav buttons improved 

-many of bugs fixed 

stable as rr sgs2

-Updated siyah kernel 1.5.2

-Updated inverted pack -added inverted google+

-Updated gapps to latest version

-Updated superSU

-Framework improved totally renewed added holo icons

-Aroma installer improved

-Weather from cm10

-HSPA+ Support ( credit to bejee11)

-Safe Headset Volume (Prevent Full Volume When You First Plug Your Phones In)

-Allow "Touch To Focus" option to have a user-defined time out in Camera

-GPS Source (Change Antenna To External Bluetooth Antenna)

-User Defined Lockscreen Text Color

-Change Clock Color In Status Bar

-Disable pattern visibility on lockscreen

-Set time before secure lock is activated

-Exit to Home on End Call

-ADB over WIFI (Settings>Developer Options)

-Lockscreen Calendar

-Lockscreen Text Weather

-Status Bar Weather

-Launch Custom App with Click of Weather

-Option to unlock device with menu button (Devices with soft/hard key menu buttons)

-Option to disable IME switcher

-Option to disable volume change sound

-Install bootanimation.zip via Rom Control

-Enable 180 degree rotation

-Option to add a "Kill all" button to recents menu

-Option to unlink ringer and notification volume

-Return of down arrow if keyboard is open

Renewed aroma installer

fixed installation black screen issues

fixed storage issues

updated RR wallpapers

added adobe flash player

added 4 different modem to aroma

siyah kernel v1.5

added touch recovery to aroma

updated system apks

Custom Carrier Text

Led Settings Customizable For Individual Applications

Safe Headset Volume (Prevent Full Volume When You First Plug Your Phones In)

Allow "Touch To Focus" option to have a user-defined time out in Camera

GPS Source (Change Antenna To External Bluetooth Antenna)

User Defined Lockscreen Text Color

Change Clock Color In Status Bar

updated camera firmware

wake clock fixed

updated gapps

updated update me

fixed navigation buttons on /off

Latest merged changelog AOKP & CM10

updated siyah kernel v1.5 RC1

updated cm10 kernel

updated rom control 

updated (phone ,browser,keyboard,camera,email,calendar.mms)

many of system files up to date 

fixed faceunlock 

system ui improved

more free ram 

better deep sleep

updated inverted apps 

fixed inverted contact apk

updated jb launcher

updated latest siyah kernel v1.5-beta6

updated from latest cm10 and aokp sources

updated system apks

fixed deep sleep issue (improved)

updated camera 

added new aokp features

updated inverted apps

added hardware info

updated phone app

improved sounds,

better battery life (improved)

faster gps ,faster wifi, (improved)

framework issues fixed

and more improvements

updated  latest AOKP features 

updated from latest cm10 source 

added BOLE5 Modem

updated latest cm10 kernel

sd storage issues fixed 

sounds improved 

improved gpu performans 

improved framework 

fixed youtube 

updated camera 

added ics notes 

added contact widgets

updated gmusic app

updated inverted apps

updated phone app

updated browser

graphic glitchs fixed

many more improvements....

Based on latest AOKP and CM10 sources

Siyah v1.5 beta4 kernel added to AROMA installer

CM10 kernel updated on AROMA installer

XXLE8 Modem

Added AROMA Installer

Added Samsung Task Manager on AROMA installer

Added Samsung Apps on AROMA installer

Added Polaris Office on AROMA installer

Added Inverted and default gapps on AROMA installer

Added enable / disable navigation buttons options on AROMA installer

Added Update me app

Added Swipe 

Added sgs3 settings

Added theme chooser 

Added STweaks to settings

Updated camera app

Updated settings options

Updated bluetooth

Added holo red theme 

Fixed mount sd card

Fixed media profiles 

improved framework.res 

Performance and battery life improved

many of bugs fixed

Everything is working: WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.

Totally daily drive




1.- Wipe data / factory reset (mandatory if you coming from ICS version or another ROM )

2.- Install the Main ROM

3.- In AROMA installer select "Custom Installation"

4.- Choose depending of your taste

5.- When AROMA installer finish untick the "Reboot Now" option

6.- When you're back on recovery go to Advanced

7.- Wipe Dalvik Cache

8.- Fix Permissions

9.- Wipe Cache Partition

10.- Reboot. :)



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- Where are the files of my External SD?

- The lights of capacitive (menu and back) buttons doesn't work properly ¿What can i do?

- The vibration intensity for pulsations it's to hard ¿How can reduce that?

- My signal it's not the best so, i wanna change of Modem ¿Where i can find a good one?

- My status bar clock frezze it ¿What can i do?

- I have duplicates on the files for my music and images ¿What can i do?

- How can i change the bootanimation?

- How can i change the font of the ROM?

- How can i use the Theme Chooser?

- Extended explanation of the permissions (to move .apk's manually on /system/app for example)

- A little help with the cover images of your .mp3

- I'm using Siyah kernel and i don't want to see the boot splash ¿How can i deactivate it? [Only if you are not dual booting]

- How can i get a notification count on my dock icons?

- I wish to install some stock Samsung apps How can i do it?

- The Phone app don't have a 'Black List' setting?

- In case that you can't send SMS


« Extended steps to install the ROM

The steps on the OP are very clear but apparently some users can't get a properly installation so, here are the extended steps for the installation (personally i'm always use this method and never experienced any problem with RR):

Before of start please remember: If you have / wanna do a Titanium Backup the only safe things to restore when you flash a new version or the ROM are the non-system stuff and the user apps, the non-system stuff are write in Green text, but just restore the data not the app (Examples: SMS - APN - Bookmarks - Alarms). About the user apps, write on White text, you can restore the app+data. Never restore the system stuff, write in Red text, this can cause FC's and other bad behavior.

After finish your restore reboot the phone.

Another recordatory: It's recommended before of flash any ROM, made a backup of your EFS folder, this folder contains information about the IMEI, MAC, and other sensitive stuff of your phone, the suggestion it's use EFSPro or you can use KTool, remember that it's not enough with a copy/paste from the original folder. Information provided by raja.7k and Pigmachine

Now, the steps:

NOTE 02/10: If you want a really clean installation, check this tip provided by @THE RED BLUR

Reboot into recovery (Turn off your phone then press and hold the keys: Volume Up + Power + Home)

Wipe Data / Factory Reset

Install the Main ROM file

In AROMA installer select "Custom Installation"

Choose depending of your taste

When AROMA installer finish untick the "Reboot Now" option

When you're back on the recovery go to Advanced

Wipe Dalvik Cache

Fix Permissions

Wipe Cache Partition


When you get the step for add your Google Account, if you don't have a WiFi enabled or you can' add it, skip it

When you boot into the system, it's probably that you don't have data enabled (3g, H+) just reboot the phone

When you boot again into the system, the data will be enabled and you can do the configuration of Google Account (if you don't do this step before)

This is the moment for install all the extras like themes, mods, fixes, kernels, etc.


« Quick steps to install RR if you don't have root

Just check this post by alex_sp

« I'm have a several battery draining Why?

dave7802 give us a very good explanation in this post

Of course that it's not everything, the kernel have a lot of "guilty" in this issue, after read the feedback of the users personally i think that the top for better battery is:

CM10 Kernel

DarkKnight Kernel

Dorimanx Kernel

Fluxi Kernel

Siyah Kernel

There are more kernels of course but, again, this it's my top five based on the feedback. Also, this is very subjective, all depends of the customization that you made over the kernel and the most important, every phone and installations are different so, everyone have different results.

If you want more information about Governors, Kernels, Voltages, etc. please read this post

If you want some suggestions of configuration for Siyah Kernel take a look here

And if you want examples of configurations for various kernels go here

« Where are the Call Recording?

Unfortunately Call Recording, until now, can't be ported to AOKP, but are alternatives, you can use the app Personal Call and Voice Recorder

« Where are the Radio FM?

Resurrection Remix since the v1.2 it's based on AOKP and the radio can't be included, the most used option it's Spirit FM app, you can buy it on the Play Store or visit the original post of his creator here.

« Where are the files of my External SD?

On Jelly Bean the external sd it's on the path /sdcard1, there are your files. You can access to this folder with any file explorer (even the stock one). Just open the file manager, select the "mnt" option on the top, the one between the Home icon and SD icon, inside you can find the /sdcard1 folder.

« The lights of capacitive buttons (Menu and Back) doesn't work properly. What can i do?

You can adjust the behavior if you are using any kernel compatible with the "BLN" function and the correspondant tweaker like: Siyah, Dorimanx or Dream-IRC Kernels + ExTweaks app or Fluxxi Kernel + xxTweaker.

« The vibration intensity for pulsations it's too high. How can reduce that?

By default it's not possible but, if you are user of Siyah, Dorimanx or Dream-IRC Kernels then you could reduce that via ExTweaks and, if you are using Fluxxi Kernel you can tweak this via xxTweaker app.

Please remember, ExTweaks only works with Siyah, Dorimanx and Dream-IRC Kernels

« My signal it's not the best / not work at all .What can i do?

Change your modem, you have several options this post , this is a very weird issue and that it's the most used solution.

« I have duplicates on the files for my music and images. What can i do?

Follow this or this post.

« How can i change the bootanimation?

First of all, i know that are many apps on Play Store that let us make this change but, in the same way that with DPI i prefer make the changes manually always that it's possible so, here are the steps:

Make a backup of the original Bootanimation located on the path /system/media the file it's called bootanimation.zip

Download the animation that you want, on the Mirrors Index we can have some animations made by the users of RR.

Rename the file that you download to bootanimation.zip (in case that the name be different)

Copy the bootanimation.zip to your SD card

Copy the file to the path /system/media, this process need to be made with some file explorer that let you change the permissions from 'Read Only' to 'Read and Write', personally i'm always working with Root Explorer (paid) but if you want, you can use ES File Explorer (free)

Replace the original bootanimation.zip with the one that you download

Reboot and enjoy

Also, in some of the bootanimations featured on the Mirrors Index i make flashable files through recovery so, this is another option to avoid the manual steps.

« How can i change the font of the ROM?

There no are a default setting to make this change, but you can do it with the combo of ROM Toolbox and Font Installer

If that apps don't work for you, then try the following steps (Steps only for ICS versions):


Originally Posted by PatrickWu 

1) If you like either of system fonts from Windows (C:\WINDOWS\Fonts) so just drag the selected font to the specific folder, e.g. desktop.


2) Download your favorite fonts from the website(http://www.fonts2u.com/)

2-1) just copy the two types of font (especially font in bold is a must (e.g. Verdana.ttf and Verdana-Bold.ttf) to the device with path system/fonts using root explorer.

2-2) Change Mount R/W as Mount R/O (as you know).

2-3) Backup the Roboto-Regular.ttf and Roboto-Bold.ttf (because I believe default font in AOKP is Roboto which is a custom font in ICS version) to other folders, then go back to system/fonts to delete it directly.

2-4) Long click on the selected fonts (verdana.ttf) that you copy from, rename it as Roboto-Regular.ttf and set its permissions as 3R1W.

2-5) Then, just reboot the phone.

« How can i use the Theme Chooser?

Just go to this thread, there you can find the links to some themes that exists for this feature, all with his own instructions, follow it.

« Extended explanation of the apps permissions

Take a look and here and here .

« A little help with the covers of your .mp3

Go here

« I'm using Siyah / Dream-IRC kernel and i don't want to see the boot splash ¿How can i deactivate it? (Only if you are not dual booting)

Just create a file named .nobootlogo in the 'root' of your SD Card with some file explorer like 'ES file explorer' or 'Root Explorer' Thanks to Pigmachine for the tip.

« How can i get a notification count on my dock icons?

AOKP don't support this kind of notifications, but you have some alternatives:

1.- If you are using Go Launcher you can install their app Go Launcher EX Notification

2.- I know that it's not the same but you can activate the notification count on the status bar from Settings - R-ROM Control - Statusbar - General - Show Notification Count

Thanks to KeithOYS for the tips.

« The Phone app don't have a 'Black List' setting?

Well, in the usual way no, but take a look here for solve it.

« In case that you can't send SMS

Take a look on [url=http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=26793521&postcount=38793]this post for solve it.

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XDA developers

CM9 team

Kang (AOKP) team

zedomax [For videos]

GaboWinter [For support]

cyberboob [For signatures, images and toggles]

BigDenn [For Bootanimations]


Special thanks to the Beta Test team of Resurrection Remix

the red blur






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