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RM-356 PRO|MOD CFW v60 c6 port w/ n97 elements


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First of All i want to thanks ALL the members of the FB group (Symbian Touch Screen (s60v5 and s'3) users Tambayan) where i am a member and admin. thanks guyzz for boosting up my knowledge in terms modification. you help me a lot in this release guyzzz!

Posted Image

how to install:

1. reformat c:/

2. delete e:/data





3. now extract nevar27 in e:/

its should be like this e:/nevar27/boot

*now flash using my flash file*

http://www.4shared.com/rar/iPCYdatt/Furbish_PROMOD_RM356_by_nevar2.html"]PRO|MOD CFW

*need ovi store? just install the sisx fix i provided in my file


a. set the topbar

b. DONT set belle clock

c. install exemaster.sisx and set menubar as RUN

d. Restart phone and resume normal usage of phone



-back light time out 10secs

-power saver on 15sec after inactive

-voice recognition sensitivty volume 10

-voice default volume 10

-auto lock 25secs after inactive

-recording quality is set to MP4

-recording path is memorycard a default

-max recording time is 720mins

-character encoding supports all charater

-sent message count set to 999

-player volume is set to 80% as default

-real player set to full screen as default

-Bt name is set to PRO|MOD

-menu busy circle is set to azure style

-application policy mod is perfected by me

-browser cached mod to c:/ for faster and more efficient browsing

-tap to ulock is change to swipe to unlock

-swipe message is -=PRo|MOD=- by me

-swipe style is IPHONE

-light behaviour is perfected

-heap size is maximize by me

-rotation speed is set to LIGHTNING by me

-sensor sensitivity is modded by me

-UI acceleration is modded

-video quality is modded

-default profile name is set to PRO|MOD

-music path mod "scan at e:/music"

-music player heap size is increase up to 30mb by me

-media player set to max

-vedio player is set to max

-auto rotation is ON

-them effect is OFF as default

-improve wifi sensitivity

-startup message is set to  "FeeL d' PRO|MOD" by me

-startup volume is set to MAX by me

-install server is modded for permanently hack

-no scroll bar mod

-battery is modded to attain LONGER GADGET USAGE by me

-BELLE ui mod in menu

-open/close od apps set to fastest ever .5 secs by me

-default icon pack is modde (thanks to the original sharer)

-theme effects simple but great ^_^

-default font is  BEATS font  modded by me ^_^

-i forget some others heheh ^_^


1. conversation is preinstalled

2. iSMS is preinstalled and it is located to messaging

  iSMS has 10 default skins

3. top bar is preintalled and auto run

  topbar has a modified v3 skin with ligh controll

4. belle clock is preinstalled

  belle clock has 7pcs modified clock skins exclusive for PRO|MOD users

5. BT switch is preinstalled

6. killme is preinstalled

7. changeFX is preinstalled

  before running changeFX, do turn c2z and open4allRp+ patch to avoid error

8. rompatcher is preinstalled with the following patches:


 *Install everything

 *Install server RP+

 *Kastor UI


 *show hidden d:\

9. menubar is preinstalled with modified shortcuts

  it is landscape and portrait modded

10. menu swap is also preinstalled

11.autoinstaller is also preinstalled

  *drop six or sis packages in e:/thinkchange

12.memcheck is also preinstalled

13. filebrowser is also preinstalled

14. DZmusic is also preinstalled

15. Superscreenshot is also preinstalled

  *with modifies watermark.mbm exclusive for PRO|MOD users



-my nokia


-voice command

-message reader

-ovi sync

-ovi music

-hera and now

-SW update

-share ONLINE




**NOTE** it is tried and tested no problem in usage and installation of PYTHON, QT and OVI ^_^

*BOOT animation, images and sounds*

 all in e:/nevar27/boot


phone memory = 76mb-78mb

ram = 56-58mb


114.99mb disk partition

port of c6 with n97 elements and repartition by me ^_^

hope to hear feedbacks guyzzz!


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+1 for your work bro.. :D Great cfw \m/. its better than all the previous ones i used. :-bd nice belle clock's & +1 for menu bar.. my startup ram was around 56-58mb & avg ram is about 50-52 mb & after heavy usage ram was around 49mb. =D> fonts are good but not suitable for browsing ;;) message editor doesnt have the bottombar(the 3 icons of send, add contact,). :( :( Also in full qwerty when we pess hold the delete icon it doesnt delete the words & after sometime  when it is released only one word is deleted. SO we have to tap again & again if we have to delete a complete word or line. :eek: :eek: . Well except these few small bugs its a very good cfw. :-bd :-bd :-bd +! for ur hard work.. \m/ \m/ :cool:

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