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u need:




1.you need to dump your rom first.install rompatcher+ open it>option>dump rom.

2.go to ur memory card or mass storage find the file with extension .dmp(exp:romdump.dmp)

3.move the file to ur pc

4.drag and place it on the (Extract romdump file.bat)--it will show open with Extract romdump file.bat

(the Extract romdump file.bat is include in the dump tools)

5.it will create a file called diskz.open it and>sys>bin find the power.dll file.open the the power.dll file with hexeditor.

6.And now open the calculator in the window.and press alt+3.

7.check the dec and type your currently cpu speed.

8.now check the hex u will find out the cpu speed.this will show ur cpu speed i hex no..

10.you need to find the hex no. u get in the hexeditor.open the hex editor which you have opened just now and press ctrl+f to find the hex no in hex editor.change the datatype to hex-value and type the hex number u get.

note:the hex noumber in hex editor is read from right to left but the calc is from left to right.for example ur clock speed is 434 you will get 1b2 in calc but u will find nothing in hex editor .so u need to inverse it 1b2 to b201.why not 2b1?because every letter is made from two hex number.

more example

dec number---------------hex-----------the no.you should search for




11.lets continue,after u found the hex no. in hexeditor remember it or note down it at anywhere.

12.now it is time to write a patch.if u have no idea to write a patch you should read this.The Complete Guide for writing patches for ROMpatcher but don't worry i'll show it step by step too.

13.open the notepad start with ;"anything"------note this is a description u can type anything u like.

14.go to next line without the ; and type snr:sys\bin\power.dll:xxxx:????

xxxx mean the hex number u get while ???? is the hex number u want to replace with.the number u want to replace you should not replace with too huge number than ur ori number otherwise it will restart when u patch it.don't worry keep reading first to write a patch.

note:the replace hex number is also same, u need to read from right to left and type as previous as we type for search in hexeditor(exp:you want to replace 434 with 450 so convert 450 into hex no. show as 1c2 in calc u can't type 01c2 u must type c201.after that u need to save it with .rmp when save as choose all file instead of .txt and name the file will anythinguwant.rmp

15.now u got a file with extension .rmp and this is ur patch.

16.move the patch to ur patch file on the phone and run it on rompatcher.if u did't get anything wrong u will get the green tick.if u get green tick and restart u should change the replace number to smaller until no restart or freeze.

this is my x6 patch.from 434Mhz to 450Mhz--450Mhz is maximum for x6

    ;by donhackme cpu speed patch

note:u can't check the cpu speed through x-plore or others but u can feel it.if u want to change the cpu speed show on x-plore u should made a pacth which change the number show on x-plore.the hal.dll is respond for it.the procedure is same u need,u need to find the hex hal.dll make a patch to change it but maybe u should add 000 at the back of your original cpu speed and convert to hex and read from right and search.for exp 434000 hex=69f50 find=509f06 and make a patch

the high clockspeed will make the power consumption become more higher.........................................................

if u have any problem just left a reply.thanks

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means if you tweak power.dll then also edit the cpu file in be49 folder under private....... it'll give you the real results but battery backup became worst :(

is it really possible........

then @navrantn123 can you give me the overclocked power.dll ??

i can edit 10283344.txt................

i don't care about my battery.........all i care about my ram...

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is it really possible........

then @navrantn123 can you give me the overclocked power.dll ??

i can edit 10283344.txt................

i don't care about my battery.........all i care about my ram...

mate it is fake......... i don't have now.............. it is just realized as overclocked............. no one can overclock s60v5 processor......... try some patch......

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Mate, You'll never believe that Symbian OS is never had overclocked by anyone.

This 'Guide' is changed ONLY CPU Clock mark. The real changing was NOT does.

Some like 'fake overclock' I've already posted on allnokia.ru in the BLOGs. And there was files with even 2 Ghz CPU marks, but it was really fake and i've posted a tutorial to unfake it.

Don't waste Your and Other People Time.

Best Regards, Aeronliru

//don't quote large post


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