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downgrading RM-697 Nokia c5-03 tut


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You cant really downgrade your core firmware once its upgraded. It maybe possible only via flashing box tools available with service center and mobile repair shops.

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its also possible if u have the jaf box original with jaf tools but not possible with ogm jaf pkey emulator :D

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Simple solution

Create a  CFW  by using  the latest core and  with old version ROFS1 ,ROFS2 ,ROFS3 and UDA files

Indeed true...


Do follow this tutorial...It may help you in accomplish the task: http://forum.gizmolord.com/custom-firmware-discussions/ultimate-tutorial-to-create-your-own-custom-firmware-(cfw)-(by-lrajesh555)/

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faced a same sorta problem when i upgraded to v23. OFW, as always, sucks big time. And there aren't any good cfw's for v23 as of yet. Igor's "Excellent 2.0" is good but on v22 i'd nevar27's which was almost STABLE. N since i'd "upgrade", that "downgrading will kill" warning literally killed me:) So here's what i did (maybe you'd consider giving it a try either, if you're still searching for some solution) 1. Download both Igor's Excellent 2.0 and nevar27's Candy Xtreme. 2. Extract the rofs2's of both the cfw's. 3. Copy nevar27's rofs2 contents and paste in the EMPTIED rofs2 folder of Igor's. Then repack Igor's rofs2. 4. Flash with this 'new' rofs2, and core and other files from Igor's cfw (which r for v23). N you're done...!!!

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