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Nokia N8 RM-596 Vir Belle Refresh v1.1 (111.040.1511) By Viral316 [3-10-2012]

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This is My CFW For Nokia N8 [RM-596]

Vir Belle Refresh v1.1 [111.040.1511]

Cooked Firmware Based on Nokia Belle Refresh v111.040.1511

Catalog For Vir Belle Refresh v1.1 :

-5 Page Symbols in Messageing

-New Comic Font

-New Meego Style Conversation By Cahjoss

-Backup and  Restore Apps From Delight By nicesoni_ash

-22 New Equalizer Added (14 are my own creation)

-VPN And Small DLAN Widgets Added

-Some New Apps Are Added

-Menu Arrengment Little Chang

-Domainserver add to rompatcher (i forgot to add in v1.0)

Catalog For Vir Belle Refresh v1.0 :

- English Language Only

- Homescreen Setting and Arrangment [Max HS-100]

- More icon in power button with reboot

- Browser cache to E

- 4 page message symbols

- custome Profile [rename all profile names]

- New Camera Settings

- Hindi language For Nokia Dict.

- Active Call Duration & Summary Default

- Allow rename apps in menu & also create sub folders in folders

- save clipboard even after reboot

- Disable Active Diverts Notes Belle refresh

- SoundImprovementForBelle Refresh

- Tactile feedback in call connect

- Theme effects fron C\data\animations\effects

- Startup from C\data\animations

- Disable OVI signin

- Fp1 task manager

- Mod - Song Metadata Editing Belle

- Custom Equalizer Mod with New pre-defined Presets Dolby Equalizer

- Landscape & Portrait mode for Dialer & FM Radio also

- Tap-to-unlock autorotation mod

- Animation ScreenSaver (Anna)

- MusicPlayerScreeSaver

- SlideShowScreenSaver

- Alarm clock screensaver

- Bluetoot name to Nokia N8

- Call Image Chang by default frop [C\data\animations\person.jpg]

- Custom Logs Age Mod

- CPU & GPU modded for better Performance and Batterylife and HD Games

- Pics-Vids Scan Locations - Exclusive Gallery-Videos scan mod

- Ram-UI-Heap size-System Cache

- Restore connection logs of GPRS & WLAN

- Restore connection popup when on data

- Phone as Modem functionality from E\system\Disk.iso

- Resume downloads on browser-restart

- Homepage Set to Googlr.com default

- Camera mute option available

- Extended zoom mod

- Music player heap to 30MB

- Increased max. volume

- Java permission mod

- Send protected files from default filebrowser

- Splashscreen Chang

- Fota cache to 0

- More Others features . . .

New Widgets :

- Notes Widget like Fp2

- Semi Transparent Analog Clock [Modify from FP2]

- CommsLauncher Widgets

- Small Text Clock

- Small Wifi

- Compect Music Widgets

- My location Widgets

- More Other Widgets...

: Screenshot :


[img width=420 height=420]http://forum.dailymobile.net/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=81725.0;attach=221535

Supported Devices and Info Firmware

Nokia N8 (RM-596)

Firmware : v111.040.1511 - "Vir Belle Refresh v1.0"

Firmware Vir Belle Refresh v1.1 Download Link

Vir Belle Refresh v1.1 CORE

Vir Belle Refresh v1.1 ROFS2 And ROFS3

Vir Belle Refresh v1.1 UDA And Other Files

Need Files For Vir Belle Refresh v1.1

Credits :

All Molders . . .

Note for Cooks :


Created With Nokia Cooker



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