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Hide your files in a JPEG image without any Software


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This trick will help you to hide your files (documents, videos, photos etc.) in a JPEG image.  ;-)

You just need to have a little knowledge about Command Prompt and WinRAR installed in your pc.

So lets start !!

1. Create a new folder anywhere in your pc (e.g: C:\Hidden) and gather all the files, that you want to hide, in this folder.

2. Now add those files in a new RAR archieve (e.g: secret.rar) and keep the RAR archieve (secret.rar) in the same folder (i.e in C:\Hidden).

3. Now look for a simple JPEG image (e.g: example.jpg) and copy/paste that jpg image into C:\Hidden folder.

Posted Image

(In the above image, "Hidden" is the folder i created in C:\... "N808 Pureview Technology" is the video file that I want to hide... "secret.rar" is the archieve which contains that video file I want to hide... And "example.jpg" is the image in which I want to hide the pureview technology video file)

4. Now go to Command Prompt. (Open Run and type cmd)

Posted Image

Posted Image

5. Make your working directory as the "C:\Hidden" in the Command Prompt. (Type cd C:\Hidden and press Enter)

Posted Image

6. Now type this command: COPY /b example.jpg + secret.rar output.jpg

    and press Enter.

Posted Image

Posted Image

7. You are done. Close the Command Prompt and go to "C:\Hidden" folder. In that folder, you can see a new JPEG image created namely "output.jpg".

[img width=314 height=420] w64SeJAVDbxQ.jpg

This output.jpg image file contains the secret.rar file in it. If you double click on this output.jpg then you'll see example.jpg image. To see the hidden file (i.e the pureview technolgy video), right click on it and open with WinRAR.

[img width=565 height=420] mckUrEZJ.jpg

8. Keep the output.jpg file anywhere in your hard disk and delete the "C:\Hidden" folder.

Thats it. Now Enjoy. ;-):D

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