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[Tutorial]Torrent colaboration between 2 or more OS


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Its very annoying when you have to format your pc and your torrent is 90% downloaded or you want to switch Os and want torrent resume there too!! Solution lies below  :wink:


-Check your torrent client (u torrent ,bitorrent,vuze etc.)

Remember same client should exist in 2nd os u going to install too!

-Downloaded files should lie in place where Os u going install will not format means if downloaded files are in C: drive so move them another drive so Os will not format C drive and you loose files.!

-copy .torrent file to a safer place.

-Format Pc.

-Install same torret client.

-Add .torret file which you copied to a safer place.

While adding in the downloading location add where the downloaded files had been copied. Make sure this step is done w/o any mistake!!

-Now your torrent client will check the downloaded torrent %age.

-HOLA Your torrent will start from where it was stopped!

In case you are not formatting Pc just switching Os than make sure you have same client in both and same location of downloading torrent with same folder name!


Choose a client which is available in linux and windows both!

Rest follow same procedure as in windows

-same client same location and same folder

It will always check how much downloaded and will resume from where it was benig paused earlier!

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Same client is not mandatory.. You can use any client and set data location to the half downloaded torrent and it will automatically start downloading the remaining part. Just make sure that .part extension is not added to the half-downloaded files.

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