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How to add show/hide files to context menu


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Its very annonying when you have to click on organise and follow long procedure to show hidden files and folder so here's a tut to add them in context menu itself!! have fun!!  :D

Posted Image

With notify sound played in background when clicked

When you'll click on show/hide notify.wav will be played only if Window Media Player is set as the default program for .wav files. if its not dafualt you'll probably get an error.

Download first file from attchment!!


For Without any sound

Download second file from attachment


Procedure #2

open the download zip and extract it.!!

Right click on the extracted .vbs file, click on Properties, click on the General tab, and unblock it.

(NOTE: if unblock isn't there, then the file is already unblocked.)

Now copy-paste that unblocked .vbs to c:\windows\ drive.!!

And right click on that reg file click merge or double click it And install it.!!

To remove from context menu download third file from attachment And install it!! :D

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