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Ktask V2.1.9 for S^3


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Posted Image[img width=436 height=420]http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/4614/scr000013k.jpg

With this software for Nokia at your disposal will be quite a handy tool that will replace the standard application manager, caused by long hold the menu button. In addition, you get two additional windows: quick access to favorite applications (you will be able to set the application for faster access) and the window control the player.

To close a running application from KTask, you need to take a long tap on the icon of the selected program, then the icon turns red and the application will be closed. To add a program to screen your favorite applications, you must press the Add box, Favourite, and select applications from the list of programs. In the selection of programs you can point and built-in applications to the program KTask: switch BT (program-button), quick access to the program's settings KTask, blocker screen (program-button), close all, etc.

In order to minimize the active window, click on display at the bottom of the screen.

Key Features:

"List of all running applications;

"Switching between applications;

"Ability to close a running application;

"Custom list of favorite applications;

"Control the music player;

"The ability to customize the buttons and call the active zone manager applications;

"Displays the current time;

"Opportunity startup when you start your phone.

Download : Attachment Below


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