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  1. What`s on my mind :o

    1. CrackUC


      you know better than anyone ;)

  2. I din`t notice the Error there were 2 directories.... i just deleted 1 of it. Problem Solved
  3. Hello fellas, Need assistance using phoenix nokia 500. Tried Several times but showing unexpected errors. pls help as soon as possible. i would be greatful. please help guys
  4. Well bro ATM was not working in there so what i have money in ma pocket i donated... will donate again next month first week... i promise
  5. Text prefixes better than image prefixes....
  6. Sometimes you need to wait many seconds until an application or a folder opens. This can be very annoying, especially in the gallery when you want to show some pictures or videos to your friends very quickly.Now there is a trick to make your S60 mobile phone faster,So let’s start with the tutorial: 01.) Change your phones’ date to the 01.05.2005 02.) Go to the calendar 03.) Now we need to create two new to-do’s (Options > New entry > To-do) 04.) These two to-do’s need to have the following information: *1. To-do: Subject: Speed Due date: 04.08.2005 Priority: High *2. To-do: Subject: Qou
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