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mRun - mRuntime in ROFS by lamerfall


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Inspired by my PyRun project.

This runtime is needed by several programs and sometimes it is included in their installation files, but it is not always included. If you have unused space in ROFS you can include it.

Having the runtime in ROFS has the following advantages:

  • Saves time (no need to install it) and speeds up installation of some programs
  • Saves space on C
  • Allows installation of programs, that don't include the Runtime in their sis file

Appeal to CFW makers:

If you use this in your CFWs, please give me thanks and credits in your CFW topic.

Please, hit the green arrow under my nickname to support these projects and make S60 better :)


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Programs that are written in M-Shell language need this runtime. It is like QT and Python - if you have the runtime installed the program works, if you don't have it - you need to install it. M-Shell in not so popular like Python or QT and probably the programs that use its runtime are less than 0.01% of symbian market. Many of these programs (but not all), pack the runtime in their sis and istall it when needed. But older programs use older runtimes and when a newer program is installed it updates the runtime too, that way when installing several programs you may encounter several runtime updates and this takes a lot of time. Having the latest runtime installed (or built-in ROFS) reduces this time. I know that this runtime is unpopular and is not needed by the most users. In most cases if you haven't seen its name in your installed programs, you don't need it. I created this mainly for my personal needs.

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