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Python Runtime in ROFS or E: by lamerfall


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This idea is inspired by QT in ROFS. What about doing the same with Python? Python runtime 2.0 is about 4.80MB uncompressed and is needed by many applications. And like QT I don't think that it will be updated anymore...

Currently the project has 2 branches:

  • Python Runtime for ROFS
  • Improved Python Runtime for E:


Runtime mods by me:

Python 2.0 runtime improved for E: -> This mod saves 1MB on C drive when you install python on E: - use it if you install python on E and need more free space on C. Tested and working fine.

Python 2.0 runtime for Z ROFS - This is beta, need beta testers. Still not tested by me, but it may work.

Tested and not working :( I've tried to add sisregistry and still not success on this :( Any help will be appreciated.

In the archive are 2 variant - with UDA or without UDA (see the readme). Probably needs to remove dependencies of python applications if they give you installer error (use siscontents for this)

Update 09.03.2012:

Released v1.2 of my e mod.

Update 14.03.2012:

Finally, I am ready with working version of Python for ROFS. I'll publish it soon :)

Please, hit the green arrow under my nickname to support these projects and make S60 better :)



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