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Mega Vodafone - multiple Vodafone homescreens by lamerfall


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MegaVodafone Project

The same idea I used for my Mega Tsunami and Mega Tornado projects, but this time for Vodafone!

See my Mega Tsunami topic for more details like benefits and pros.

To get involved in the project and help you can do the following:

1) Port existing Vodafone homescreens to MegaVodafone and publish them here -will be available, when I publish more details here

2) Add links and screenshots to modified Vodafone homescreens, that you like and I'll port them when I have enough time

3) If you don't have time for 1 or 2 then simply give me thanks to show your appreciation for the project

List of reserved UIDs, names and releases

0x200041A2 - *2.* - Mega Vodafone 1 Basic (ported by lamerfall)
0x200041A3 - *3.* - reserved for future use
0x200041A4 - *4.* - reserved for future use
0x200041A5 - *5.* - reserved for future use
0x200041A6 - *6.* - reserved for future use
0x200041A7 - *7.* - reserved for future use
0x200041A8 - *8.* - reserved for future use
0x200041A9 - *9.* - reserved for future use
0x200041A0 - *0.* - reserved for future use

Active Projects by lamerfall

This list is going to be updated soon

Please, hit the green arrow under my nickname to support these projects and make S60 better :)


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