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Mega Tsunami - release 5!


What is your favorite homescreen theme ?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite homescreen theme ?

    • I prefer C6/N97 homescreen with widgets
    • Orange Tsunami
    • Orange Tornado
    • Vodafone
    • Flash - Samsung Widgets a.k.a Omnia Homescreen
    • Flash Live - other gadget.swf
    • 5530 HS a.k.a Contacts Bar
    • Finger Use
    • Full page
    • Navigation bar
    • Basic

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For people who like Orange Tsunami like me.

I found a way to have unlimited number of Tsunami homescreens - installed or built-in ROFS (for example you could have 2 tsunami homescreens in ROFS and other 10 installed on memory card and selecting them from Homescreen Themes. I have tested my method and it works fine.

To achieve this we need to modify every existing Tsunami to be compatible with this system. This is a lot of work, but if make a team for this it will take less time.

What we need:

1) Members to help with project and mod existing Tsunami.

2) Modders to share their Tsunami works

Task 1: Create a list of all available Tsunami versions (only Tsunami without Orange homescreen)

This is example of Tsunami only files:


I've added modified version by me - you can see what I've changed 
when compared to original version.

To make things work we need the following:

1. Different UID changed everywere

2.Different resource files

3. Different entry in Homescreen themes

4. About settings we have 2 variants:

a) Use common settings, when you change tsunami you don't lose your configuration i.e. you change only the skin. This method may not work well with all the mods...

B)Separate settings so you can have multiple configurations. This will work better than a).

For 4. is needed very simple mod, so we can make a) and B) variants easily.

Tutorial for DLL:

1. Change uid with siscontents (use this way to have header checksum generated automatically)

2. Open dll in hex editor and find all occurencies of the default uid 20022BE7 in HEX this looks like right to left E7 2B 02 20
In this example it is found 3 times around these addresses: (don't rely on addresses, it's always better to use search)
8h: - changed by siscontents
080h: - changed by siscontents 
29608h: - change it [b]manually[/b]

3. Around 29616h: is the name of the resource file \resource\Apps\Tsunami - change this to unique name i.e Tsunam3
4. 2A23Ah: name of mif file - change it to unique name resource\plugins\Tsunami\Tsunam3.mif
5. 29E70h: name of settings file (see 4 a) and  - you can change it for 4.  or not change it for 4. a) defaults to tsunami.bin

Tutorial for rsc file (resource/plugins):

1. 18h - change uid here
2. 26h - change uid here
3. 2Dh - change the name displayed in Homescreen Themes, don't exceed original name! (Will fix this soon for longer names)

Rename your files with names according to DLL mod and new UID and repack with siscontents!

Don't hesitate to hit the green arrow under my nickname ;)

Very Important - read before you start:

Compatibility - Decide what UID and names will use your mod and publish them here before starting to work on the mod. So other members will know that this UID and names will be used and they will use other names for their projects.


- Port as many Tsunamis as possible - need help on this :)

- As I am doing another projects I can't dedicate all my free time for this, so I'm planning to release at least 1 Tsunami every week

- Tsunami Manager application for dealing with settings

More about differences compared to original Tsunami

At this stage the project ports existing tsunamis i.e. they look the same as on the screenshots in the first topic and the difference is not visual. I'll try to explain it with other words:
1) Lets have original Tsunami or Tsunami mod (anyone from the first post here), which we call "original Tsunami"
2) If we port this "original Tsunami" according to Mega Tsunami project we call it "Tsunami port"

What's the difference between "port" and "original" ?

Original Tsunami limitations:
1. You can have only one installed "original". 
2. To change it you need to uninstall it first and then install new and to go to homescreen thems 2 times - this procedure takes time and is annoying.
3. If your Tsunami is in ROFS, you can't change it or install new.
4. In some cases this original tsunami can conflict with other hs themes (if packed not properly)
5. Original Tsunami share common settings i.e. when you reinstall other mod it have the same widgets configuration like the previous.

"Port" advantages:
1. You can have any number of ports intalled (for example all ports released) + one original tsunami!
2. You can have any number of ports built in ROFS and you can still install ports or original Tsunami
3. Ports don't conflict with other homescreens
4. You install ports and then change ports from Homescreen Themes - going there only 1 time! And this is fast and easy
5. Ports can have different widgets configuration or can share common settings i.e. you can have 2 versions of port with common setting and with separate settings.
6. Using ports you can have more than 9HS i.e. 9 + number of released ports

I hope now you understand what this project tries to do  
Why to choose single Tsunami, when you can have them all

List of reserved UIDs, names and releases

0x20022BE8 Tsunam2 - Tehk (ported by lamerfall)
0x20022BE9 Tsunam3 - N97 OT by mEnCFW (ported by lamerfall)
0x20022BE6 Tsunam1 - MTsunami Glass (ported by lamerfall)
0x20022BE5 Tsunam0 - MTsunami S^3 (ported by lamerfall)
0x20022BE4 Tsunam4 - MTsunami WP7 1 by cnx7 (ported by lamerfall)
0x20022BE3 Tsunam5 - reserved
0x20022BE2 Tsunam6 - reserved
0x20022BE1 Tsunam7 - reserved
0x20022BE0 Tsunam8 - reserved

I'll upload files of the project here soon, but with my connection it takes a lot of time.

Please, hit the green arrow under my nickname to support these projects and make S60 better :)






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i think u must think ....abtt...integrating.......c6 hs im our ofw based cfw..or.....ofw based hs in c6 cfws..??

What u say..??

I want this from a lot of time. Some of my other project give some ideas about this, but you should search them in google.

In short:

Porting - I described a method in my dual boot project...

Something similar can be done in flash, but needs a special homescreen made for this purpose (a lot of work).

Omnia HS support WGT, which are very similar to WGZ and use common API. BUT there are some bugs there...

One more idea, but it will require a lot more time and it is still not very clear in my view...

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It seems that C6/N97 has a lot more fans than all the homescreens from OFW. I personally prefer the different kind of user experience, that give me all OFW homescreen themes (this is what I'm really missing in C6 port).

you are correct. Ofw can have different homescreens while C6/N97 lacks it...

The main thing in s60v5 is, its supplied with poor amount of RAM

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you are correct. Ofw can have different homescreens while C6/N97 lacks it...

The main thing in s60v5 is, its supplied with poor amount of RAM

We can't change the RAM size, but we could improve many things in the software.

One of the advantages in OFW is that you can choose theme like Basic when you need more free RAM, but when you want different experience you can choose another homescreen theme.

Furthermore if we find some documentation about homescreen themes, we could make more or even port applications to homescreen themes. I'm sure that programmers from Orange, Vodafone, Samsung and other Nokia partners have very useful documentation, APIs and even example source code for this.

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