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How to: Hack UDA with custom installserver and Phoenix Flashing Guide combined


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Hack UDA with custom installserver and Phoenix Flashing Guide

Credits: f33nix

You will need the following:


NaviFirm +


Hacked Installserver

Optional - Sklchan's S3 Mods

Step 1. Follow then guide.

Step 2. Then install your hacked firmware with Phoenix.

Step 3. This is optional - load sklchan's N8 mods.

We should give thanks to the creators of the various programs as without them none of this would be possible.


Step 1. Download firmware files

(This is based upon my phone and location, YOURS will be different!!!)

Posted Image

You need to download the NAVIFIRM program from http://cpkb.org/wiki/Navifirm

Extract and run the program (does not need to be installed)

The program needs to have access to the internet so make sure you allow it through your firewall.

Do the steps in order.

  Step 1.1  Select Nokia N8

  Step 1.2  Select Latest Release

  Step 1.3  Select YOUR region

  Step 1.4  Remove the tick to Parse VPL or you will not download all the files that you may need

  Step 1.5  Press Mark All

  Step 1.6  Download your files

After a few minutes (hours depending on your internet speed) you should end up with your firmware files downloaded.

[img width=770 height=417] 1.1.png

Step 2: Download the latest Nokia Cooker


Load up Nokia Cooker and find where you downloaded your firmware and open up the UDA file.  Note it may take a minute to load!


[img width=700 height=420] 2.0.png

Locate the folder in the system called /Sys/Bin and this is where you need to drag and drop your hacked installserver to.

[img width=653 height=420] 2.1.png

Then when you save it will create one backup and it will also create the modified UDA.

You can delete the backup from your system or move the original UDA to another location, either way you do not need it.

Step 3. Now to bring it all together

We have the firmware ready to flash with Phoenix.

Before we plug in the USB cable or load the Phoenix flasher we need to copy the firmware files so the Phoenix program can find them all.

Copy the whole "RM-596" folder to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products" or the "Products" folder if your program is installed somewhere else.

So it should now be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596" where your files are installed.

[img width=770 height=338] 3.0.png

Step 4. Now load up the Phoenix program with the phone connected and turned on.

Select USB1 from the drop down box


[img width=770 height=420] 4.0.png

Now Scan for the Phone

Posted Image

Verify that the boxes have now changed.

[img width=770 height=420] 4.2.png

Now that the Phone is identified correctly we now need to flash the firmware.

Posted Image

Now we need to tell the program where the firmware files are so that it can load them.

[img width=770 height=420] 4.4.png

Manually Select the firmware that you want to flash with.

[img width=441 height=420] 4.5.png

Then press OK to bring you back to the options screen to make some more changes…

[img width=770 height=420] 4.6.png

Press the Options button to make advanced changes to the Flash settings.

[img width=509 height=420] 4.7.png

If we double click on the highlighted file or select Edit then we can change an option to make the custom UDA file MANDATORY!

Posted Image

Repeat this for the Mass memory file as well so we end up with the changes highlighted below.

[img width=509 height=420] 4.9.png

Now press OK button at the bottom to save the changes.

VERIFY that you have the following screen so you do not make any mistakes.

Check 1 – USB1 – RM-596

Check 2 – Phone and current firmware installed

Check 3 – New firmware files that will be installed

All 3 then click on “Refurbish”

[img width=770 height=420] 4.10.png

The beginning of the flashing procedure…


[img width=346 height=420] 4.11.png

…a bit further on

[img width=343 height=420] 4.12.png

After a few minutes your phone should display a message about being complete.

I have included a copy of my log so you know what to look for…

Flashing started

Creating product data items list

Product data items list created

Backup not required

Started product mode change

Product mode change complete

Doing factorysets

Factorysets complete

Flashing phone


Verifying communication to device...

Scanning image files...

Loading secondary boot code: 15168 bytes

Secondary boot loaded

Loading update server code: 722517 bytes

Update server loaded


Partitioning complete


Erasing complete

Asic CMT: Start programming 230079 KB...

Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 0%

Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 10%

Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 20%

Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 30%

Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 40%

Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 50%

Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 60%

Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 70%

Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 80%

Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 90%

Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 100%

Programming complete

WARNING:  Asic CMT: NAND status reported bad blocks      <---Ignore this error!

Asic CMT: programming succeeded

Asic CMT: Verifying communication to device...

Phone flashing completed. Waiting for phone to boot up

Bootup successful

Verifying communication to product (before flash finalizing)

Communication verified

Product code changed

Loading default data to phone

Loading default data to phone

Getting Data Package

Reading product state

Starting backup/restore sub-procedure: data item pre-delay

data item pre-delay

data item pre-delay

Sub-procedure completed: Succeeded., result code: 0

Starting to backup/restore data item: ProductProfile, version: 1.1

Data Item backup/restore completed: Succeeded., result code: 0

Starting backup/restore sub-procedure: data item post-delay

data item post-delay

data item post-delay

Sub-procedure completed: Succeeded., result code: 0

Backup/restore result: 0 out of 1 items were not backed up

Default data loading complete

Stopping all operations, returning phone to default mode

All operations completed

Product flashing succeeded.



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