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Woodland font(Belle navibar modified)(Also procedure to edit fonts)


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hi guys.. As i needed a better font for cfw, so i just edited Woodland font with belle navibar (looking pretty good)!! I have already renamed all files so u can download them all together and put it in ur rofs. or u can download 1 and rename it (as all are same). Procedure: Method 1. Just add them in rofs => resource/fonts and flash. Method 2. Or U can just copy paste in E:Resource/fonts. => Procedure to edit and make ur own fonts: 1. Download any font creator/editor. (prefer high logic font creator) 2. Using it is pretty simple. Misc: If u want to add navibar font for navibar cfws, take any modded font and copy characters from it to ur font using font creator.(u can take the uploaded one also.) It takes a lil bit tym. Tips: 1. Open both the fonts (urs and navibar modded) together. 2. Use ''Ctrl button'' :P and select the desired characters all together in series and paste them in other window on other font character places by selecting them alltogether.(if u can understand wat i mean, its pretty fast!)  :D Credits: Die2mrw007 (for telling abt software. :P +1 ) I will add screenshots soon.





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