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Eyewatch Basic - NO MORE PANIC


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Once installed on your phone, Eyewatch can trigger multiple alerts via sms and email to your family doctor, lawyer, police agencies, calling your selected Emergency Contacts.

It sends across the conversation you have had before pressing the button along with an automatically generated video or photograph stream. Along with this your location is tracked, even in a moving vehicle, or in a building, where you don’t have GPS, as it has a multiple methods of locating you!

Usage Tips:

1. On installing, Eyewatch, you will be prompted to sign up, please ensure you fill all compulsory fields, including 2 Emergency Response Contact details (complete phone number and email addresses).

2. Eyewatch once installed, must be kept running as a background app to ensure you are able to trigger alerts at any time. So whenever you think you are going to be in a compromising or unsafe situation, quickly check to see Eyewatch is running.

3. You may modify any details through the In-app menu and settings option.

4. Once registered, please raise a test alert to ensure the app is configured correctly. (This is to ensure you are ready to raise Eyewatch Alerts in the case of emergency).

5. You may raise an alert by pressing the menu key for 4 seconds once Eyewatch is running on your phone.

6. Once the alert is raised, your preselected ERCs will be sent an alert code by SMS and email with a link to the Eyewatch website , On entering the alert code at the ERC section of the homepage, ERC's will be able to view your alert details. We suggest giving them a call and telling them about Eyewatch once you set them as your ERC, though we will send them an SMS and email to inform the same.

7. To deactivate the Alert, the ERC can simply deactivate it from the website, or if you feel you are safe you may deactivate it from the app home screen on your mobile phone.



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