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ELEGANCIA™ Rom Series ◄◄ICS►► v3.0.1 ◄●●Theme Sense 3.6 Beats●●►


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Welcome to Elegancia™ ICS Rom Series !

Posted Image

This development thread is for Elegancia custom firmware series for the HTC Sensation: Sensation, Sensation 4G and Sensation XE.

ROM Features

? Android ICS 4.03 base on RUU 3.25.401.102 with the latest HTC Sense 3.6

? Stock kernel @1.5 Ghz or @1.2 Ghz, selection during Flashing Installation

? Fully themed ROMs available

? Enhanced Audio Beats included and fully functional

? TMOus Wifi-Calling

? Enabled GPU UI rendering

? Blue highlights

? Deodexed, zipaligned, tweaked

? Improved SD card read ahead

? Extra Quick Settings

? Advanced Power Menu

? Busybox + runparts, TitaniumBackup

? Location is enabled

? A lot of junk removed

? Screenshot by pressing Power and Home

? Sony Bravia Engine - HQ Image and Movie improvement

? Latest Market

? Looking for Rom stability, outstanding battery life and smoothness, welcome you are at the right place!

See the changelog to know about the updates...

How to Flash this ROM:

- S-OFF your device

- Install a custom recovery

- Install the downloaded ROM .zip found in post #3

- Make sure to do a Factory Reset / Wipe before installing ROM


[img width=236 height=420] ih3808.jpg [img width=236 height=420] 15qaobc.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] dm42o7.jpg [img width=236 height=420] 20120216214952.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] 20120216215012.jpg [img width=236 height=420] 20120216215027.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] 20120216215101.jpg [img width=236 height=420] 20120216215159.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] 20120216215257.jpg [img width=236 height=420] 20120216215353.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] 20120216222303.jpg

Downloads and Changelog

[img width=768 height=420] elegancianormalpresenta.png

Elegancia™ Rom Series ICS Release Sense 3.6

You have to flash the Firmware from 3.24./3.25.401.1 RUU only once for all !

The second requirement is to have EXT4 recovery to enjoy the interactive installation


Salvation_2.3.0: 3.25.401.102 XE


Elegancia™ Rom Series ICS_Sense_3.6: Salvation_2.3.0

- Full Rom - FULL WIPE is not needed if coming from Elegancia_ICS

- Implemented updated EQS - thanks to Jan

- Reverted back to pure Sebastian 1.5Ghz kernel as not all devices support the tweaked sebastian 1.5Ghz

The above could probably fix the youtube issue few of us were having

- Improved speed

- Added the ability to select Sensation XE during installation phase (to be use only if your device is Sensation XE)

- Added the ability to select the wake-up device by pressing the volume key during the installation phase

- Changed some build.prop values to get most of the Market applications installable

- Gmaps has been updated, that should "hopefully" fix the Navigation FC few of us were having.

- Removed Hosts file

- Enhanced the Beats Sound (as the sound was a litlle bit distorted)

- New dialer skin - thanks to Losown

- Updated Market Apps

- Other minors updates/changes

- Bugs ?: you tell me !

- Pure (quasi untouched) Stock look Elegancia_ICS Rom is posted: not ready, no ETA yet*

- For Sensation 4G, Sensation XE and Sensation

- Enjoy Fully Sense skinned by selecting bluesky / Burgundy skins

Posted Image

Download:HERE or HERE or HERE

MD5 checksum: 6972318a3366e4f41c49dbcf0bb34c3f

UPDATE 26Feb v3.0.1


- Full Rom - FULL WIPE is not needed if coming from Elegancia_ICS

- Rebuilt Elegancia_ICS from latest HTC Rom: main base is now 3.30.401.101 RUU

- Added Kernel OC@ 1.5ghz -thanks to Sebastian

- Ported all mods from previous Elegancia_ICS*

** Leedroid Tweaks - thanks to j4n87

** APM

** and more...

- Improved data connection speed

- Improved memory management

- Added Glossy Skin - thanks to Seriously Crazy

- Updated Market applications (YouTube, twitter and others)

- Other minors updates/changes

? Latest Market

? Aroma Installer

Posted Image

Posted Image

Download:HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE

Big Thanks for this Awesome Rom to ELGANCIA TEAM and @Steve0007 from XDA Developers

Original thread HERE

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