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All about RMs of nokia phones..?


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The RM type is basically to differentiate the band width which the phone supports ment for diferent regions and countries. Other then band width its more to product codes to comply with certain regions specs and requirements. There are no major difference betwen the RM types in terms of  functionality unless its a regions requirement to disable certain funtions.

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Hiii all seniors of GIZMOLORD forum.......,

What is this RM concept of nokia phones...?

What is the difference between different RMs like RM-356, RM-428,etc....

Is RM a hardware component or software component.?

Can I change my phone's RM.? Will it effect the functionality of phone.?

The RM doesn't actually relate to the band it operates on. Phones that operate on GSM only or Europe/US 3G all start with RM so the band is not relevant. The number shows different products.

Some say it stands for reference model, other say it's something in Finnish but what is known is that each and every nokia model has a RM number. The exception is that some nokia products have an RX number, for example the Nokia Booklet 3G is RX-72.

So the RM/RX number is the internal model number that Nokia calls it's products. No two different models share the same RM/RX number.

u cannot change the phone's rm but if u try to flash ur ph. with diff. rm ur ph, it will crash. So dnt try to change the phones rm

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