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Nokia N97mini - RM555 V30 - Thunderstruck 1.0


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Credits: 7HUND3R

Hello everybody!! CFW for n97mini v30 cooked from Nokia OFW RM-555 v30.0.004! :D

Posted Image

This amount memory is meant to be considered after I installed all my stuff on the cellphone, maps included

[img width=236 height=420]http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/2448/thunderstruck10.png

[img width=236 height=420]http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/6990/menu4x4.jpg

This screen is in Italian just because I took it from a friend of mine's phone who wants Italian!The CFW is fully english also!


New updates & fixes are marked in bold!


-Icons ed eliminated apps:








My Nokia



-Languages removed:




-Languages on the cfw:



Default language: English

[Arabic (download the specific Arabic rofs2 at the bottom of the post)]

[Portuguese (download the specific Portuguese rofs2 at the bottom of the post)]


-Bin in the gallery instead of share online

-Effects Drakus Exedra&Chidori mixed by me

-Menu 4X4 portrait

-Menu S^3 6x2 landscape extended

-Alphakeyboard style S^3

-Center text style N8

-Menu circle X7

-Full N8 Icon Pack by binh24

-Font Nokia Pure emoticon fixed by alfiemoustache

-The fw has default emoticons and C6's dialer for contacts search

-Replaced original emoticons with N8 ones

-Theme Krystal Steel Full Anna Icons by die2mrw007: I added by myself the icons missed

-Splashscreen e startup personalized

-Bluetooth's device name changed to "N97mini Thunderstruck 1.0"


-Conversations ITA-ENG in Messages

-Adobe Flash Lite v4.01.1





-Killme (you must move to protected: akncapserver, aknnfysrv, home screen, sysap, telephone, autolock, popupclock)

-Youtube updated to version 2.4.10

-Ovi Store 1.12.005 by Horvath

-Player 15.2 supports lyrics and doesn't open the menu when closed

-Rompatcher 3.1 autostart by Il Socio with installserver 1.4 e Open4All

-AutoInstaller 1.2.0 not autostart


-System Cache in C:

-Browser Cache boosted to 50 mb and moved to E:

-Improved battery life

-CPU mod by crucio32000 updated

-Modded starter: ram at startup 62-63 mb that remains around 59-60 mb

-Improved wifi sensitivity V2 by alfiemoustache

-Fixed vibration (it was too high and the 3 levels of intensity were the same)

-Speaker volume increased to 9

-Removed vibration when lock\unlock the cellphone

-Vibra Call Mod by binh24

-Possibility to send all type of file from File Manager

-Enhanced GPS by crucio32000

-C5 tap to unlock ITA-ENG

-Restart mod ITA-ENG by Horvath

-N8 Kinetic Scrolling

-Integrated Fusion modify 2.2 di GianniDarko & DMA e so:

Improved rotation speed

Mod Camera save ram

Mod registration 12 hours

Improved UI Graphic Acceletor

Improved speed open\close application

Bluetooth speed improved up to 6 %

Improved audio quality

Improved speed of opening gallery

Music player will read only audio file that are placed in E:\Music or, for the posessors of mmc, in F:\Music  and all the subfolders.

Improved photo and video quality

During recharging phone will vibrate due to incoming call or incoming messages if set in the profile

Improved video call quality

No apps running in background

Extra sensors settings

-Fixed wifi that doesn't appear in connectivity submenu

-Fixed Browser and OviStore that weren't work

-Fixed menu browser that wasn’t work (thanks to 97mini for the hint) ;)


CFW THUNDERSTRUCK 1.0 N97mini V30 Core & Various Files

CFW THUNDERSTRUCK 1.0 N97mini V30 Rofs2 UPDATED ON 10-08-2011



Arabic-English rofs2 Thunderstruck 1.0 N97mini V30 thanks to fbi_mohd for the request

Portuguese rofs2 Thunderstruck 1.0 N97mini V30 thanks to JusTXico

Inside the second archive you will find all the instructions!

This CFW was tested a lot on more than a phone. I'm not responsable for any damage caused on your mobiles.

Big thanks go to a friend of mine not yet registered here that helps me a lot! Thank you, crucio32000!

Fixing and Repairing Wrong Physical Keyboard Keymappings

Credits to sercczionelabus for the very useful guide and big thanks to kachman1, 97mini and moorleiche for the testing! :)




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hey i want a cfw for nokia n97 mini v30 rm-553

Please avoid posting in bold and italic letters.

You can try copying all the contents in this rofs and copy to your Rm's rofs. You may face bugs, to solve these, create a thread in Custom Firmware Discussions and post the bugs you face there or PM any staff member. :)

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