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How can i use phone as modem and web cam on windows 7


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Ok bro, but now my phone is recognized like n97 but still i cant install modem driver and driver for CDC comms interface

Ok use this file :)

Extracted from C6v41 Port by Die2mw007 :)

I thought that binh24 had made usbman.r01 for 5800...

looks like he modified it to b detected as N97 Mini :(

Im sorry bro i didn't know it!

Use this file and it will work for sure :)

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1st, get Nokia Suite (dis is for Nokia cable connectivity driver). u can search for nokia suite, or even Nokia Cable Connectivity driver. Aftr installing either, plug ur 5800 via USB. It'll show installing drivers for the mTP device. Wait until windows 7 installs all d drivers. Den go to network and sharing in control panel. Select set up a new connection. Select set up connection via Dial-Up Networking Ur modem name will appear dere (Standard Modem Over Nokia 5800) or sumthng like dat Den click on it. There will b a dial up number field. Fill it with *99# Den click next. It'll connect. NO NEED FOR USER NAME OR PASSWORD U r done!

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