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Nokia FW Cleaner 3.0 beta 1 - Program for removing applications


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Credits: newcooller(he himself modded and wrote this program)

The program was written to remove the application from the smartphones Symbian 9.4. On the other firmware tests were not performed.

With the advent of NFE Core 2.0 program an opportunity to clean out the original firmware. For this we need to clean rofs1 and rofs2.


At the moment, removed:

Drawing, FileBrowser, ZIP Manager, Quick Office, Adobe Reader, Welcome, My Nokia, About, Settings wizard, Operator menu, Voice commands, Message reader,

Active notes, Notes, Search, Chat, Nokia Maps, Ovi Music, Ovi Sync, OVI Store, Share Online, Podcasting, Help, Converter, Radio, Dictionary,

Calculator, Nokia Browser, Voice recorder, E-Mail, Accessory setup, Ovi Contacts, Slide to Unlock, Image print, Phone switch, Image Editor,

Video Call, Speed dial, SW update, Music Player, File\Application Manager, Here and Now, Gallery, "Video sharing", Shazam, Bounce, WLAN \ WiFi,

Internet phone, Boingo, Qik, Vlingo, joikospot.


In the "My App" available "Conversation" and the standard C6 themes: Light, Dark, White, Pink, Blue.

backup / recovery applications:

You can make backup copies of all applications except the Quick Office and Adobe Reader.

To create \ restore backup applications, you must have WinRar!



In next post :)


Version 2.1

- Fully refining system recovery applications. Now the user can create backup copies he needed applications (except for Quick Office, Adobe Reader and the standard themes)

- Added delete the application "Software Update" (thx  CrazySanya)

- Removed delete the application "MediaBar" (when it is removed there were problems with the work of the Internet)

- Russian and English interfaces are now in one program

- Tighter integration with NokiaCooker

- Significantly accelerates deletion of files

Version 2.2

- A more complete removal of the Voice Record, Ovi Maps, Email

- Added removal of applications: Music player, File\Application manager, Location, Here and Now,Gallery

- Added Turkish language by dangerous

- Fixed a bug when you do not scan for files language pack

Version 3.0 beta 1

- Improved the majority of the lists to delete.

- The list of languages ??is loaded dynamically from a folder Lang. Now you can easily add your language in the program.

- Removed "Online support", as he was associated with the configuration of PnP, and frees up space a little.

- Removed "Location", since it had many problems.

- Improved system for creating \ restore backups. Now you can create \ restore backup copies of all applications at once though.

- You can now download a list of their applications to the program. The "My app" opens a window into your applications folder of MyApp.

- The calculation takes into account the freed space "My App".

- "My Applications" you can backup and restore.

- When calculating the exempt places now have calculated number of deleted files.

- Added button "Donate" for donations.

- Added ability to change the width of a column with a choice of applications.

- Added ability to create their own lists of the folder with the needed files (click "Create list").

- Added ability to search and delete all empty folders in the firmware.

- Removal of the standard themes C6 has been removed (these themes are available in the "My Applications").

- Removed the button to reduce the bottom because of bugs arising from the program interface to some of the "machines".

- Added delete the application "Video sharing", Shazam, Bounce, WLAN \ WiFi, Internet phone, Boingo, Qik, Vlingo, joikospot.

- Removed item removal Ovi Maps 3.06.

- A list of files to delete are now displayed when you click "Show List".

- The state of the list is displayed in a label that says "ready list \ empty".

- Removed the button "Open" and "Save" because of uselessness.

- Removing applications "Correspondence" has been removed, but remains available in the "My Applications".

- Many small improvements and bug fixes.

- Added user interface languages: Polish from marcv; French from cedric31. These languages ??were for version 2.2, so the translation is not complete.

Credits: newcooller(he himself modded and wrote this program)

hit the green button if u lyk my post :)



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Thats what i was wondering..Its an important application then how come its not yet posted in the forum...:|

But it was already done...:) So remove this one :)

hmm...i searchd for it bt didn't find! :P

repost :P

remove it or when i add instructions wid screenie today rename it to How to use Nfw cleaner smthng like that??

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