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Quick Tiles’ the live tiles app for Windows Phone updated to version 1.3. The latest version adds lots of cool new features including themes, appointment tiles, icons and more.

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“Quick Tiles allows the creation of live tiles that you can pin to your home screen. Choose from multiple default backgrounds or use your own photos. Tiles are fully customizable and support adding custom text, background colors, images, and photo frames.”

You can create different types of tiles with special functions.

Currently you can create:

  • Note and Photo tiles that can be used as a reminder, or to just pin a picture to the home screen.
  • Countdown tiles that will count down the hours to a selected date.
  • City Clock tiles that show the time in a selected city.
  • Connections tiles that show useful information about your phone’s connection settings.
  • Memory tiles that show information on your phone’s memory usage.
  • Moon phase tile that shows the current phase of the moon and Command tile that allows shortcuts from live tiles.

Changelog v1.3:

  • Appointment tile that shows your next two upcoming appointments.
  • Background Effects that let you add some textures to backgrounds in any color.
  • Preset themes for quicker styling. There are currently eight themes, Photo, Photo Frame, Theme, Sticky Note, Metal, Wood, Newspaper, and Dark.
  • New icons that can be set for Command Tiles.

The trial mode has advertisements and can only pin one tile to the home screen. Full version removes ads and allows multiple pinned tiles.

Download Here

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