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Choqok is a Free/Open Source micro-blogging client for K Desktop Environment.

Said to be the Best Twitter Client till date !! By LifeHacker

It currently features:

  • Supporting Twitter.com micro-blogging service.
  • Supporting Identi.ca micro-blogging service. (Using its Twitter compatible API)
  • Supporting self hosted StatusNet websites. (Using their Twitter compatible API)
  • Supporting Open Collaboration Services API (Used by opendesktop.org)
  • Supporting Friends, @Reply, Favorite and Public time-lines.
  • Support for send and receive direct messages.
  • Official Repeat/ReTweet functions.
  • Supporting Multiple Accounts simultaneously.
  • Supporting search APIs for Twitter and StatusNet services.
  • Support for Twitter lists.
  • KWallet integration.
  • Ability to make a quick tweet/dent with global shortcuts. (Ctrl+Meta+T)
  • Ability to notify user about new statuses arriving.
  • Flickr, ImageShack, Twitpic, Twitgoo, Mobypicture and Posterous photo uploading
  • Support for shortening urls with more than 30 characters.+shorten on paste, With more than 10 shortening services
  • Post text translation using Google Translate service.
  • Posts (Statuses) list appearance configuration.
  • Filtering supported to hide unwanted posts.
  • Setting your last post as your current status message in IM clients (Kopete, Pidgin, Psi, Skype)
  • Preview Images from Twitpic, YFrog, img.ly, plixi, Twitgoo, TweetPhoto and etc. services.
  • Preview Videos from YouTube and Vimeo services.
  • Send Now Listening text. (Many of favorite players such as Amarok, Exaile, Banshee, Rhythmbox and VLC supported)
  • UnTiny short Urls.
  • Proxy support.


Posted Image [img width=289 height=420] choqok.png

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