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CacheCopy Pulls Images from Your Browser’s Cache

Ever find a great image and forget which page it was on?

Using a tool like CacheCopy you can automatically rip images from your browser cache into a folder of your choice.

Once you've selected where the ripped images go you can also select how far back in hours you want pulled and size limitations so you're not grabbing emoticons, avatars, and other small images from forums or sites.

The program is an alpha release so obviously there are limitations.

Even though program as described should automatically find the cache folder for IE, Firefox, and Chrome while evaluating I had to manually direct the program to my Chrome cache folder.

Also keep in mind the program won't work on images viewed during private browsing sessions as that mode does not cache graphics.

If you have need of this application, give it a try, but you may also be interested in how to manually pull images from your browser cache.

Keep in mind that the size limit of your browser cache will directly determine how many images will be available to retrieve.

[Download Link]

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