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[GUIDE] Ultimate Tutorial to get S-OFF and Root hTC Wildfire 2.2.1 Froyo


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Ultimate Tutorial to get S-OFF and Root !!

Hello Guys Here i am Giving you a Guide on how to Get S-OFF & RooT Your htC Wildfire on 2.2.1 Froyo HBOOT 1.01.0001 and 1.01.0002...!!

I am not responsible for any bricks or damages !!

What Do You Need:

- A phone on one of the newer HBoots 1.01.0001 or 1.01.0002

- ADB Drivers. Download HTC Sync, Install it and Uninstall it after that. We just need the drivers.


-hTC Sync Download Link: http://www.multiupload.com/W04IW5QDZK

- Hacked HBoot Drivers. Guide Here: http://unrevoked.com/rootwiki/doku.php/public/windows_hboot_driver_install

- Your Wildfire's Serial Number. (Printed on the Box and below the battery. It is a 12 digit Alphanumeric number, which normally (not necessarily) begins with HT0 (That's a Zero))

- USB Debugging ON. (Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging)

- When you connect your Wildfire to your PC, make sure it is in "Charge only" mode.

1. you should make sure you have Bootloaderversion 1.01.0001

2. After this make sure you have uninstalled your HTC Sync and restarted you PC

3. Then go to http://alpharev.nl/x/beta/ and download your desired version of alpharev (linux or Windows-->i used Windows 64bit)

4. after that you connect your phone on usb,but select "Charging-only"-Mode!

5. Finally Run alpharev.exe as admin and follow the instructions....

6. Now you should have S-OFF and can install superuser.


Okay, this is going to be simple step-by-step  ;)

FirsT: Copy this to the root of your SD card: http://forum.xda-developers.com/atta...7&d=1300751790

Second: Go into HBOOT and click yes when it asks you to update (note: Please make sure your SD card is FAT32 and not FAT, it must be FAT32 for this step to work.

Third: Remove the img file from your sd card and add this file: http://bit.ly/su2361ef

Fourth: Go into HBOOT and click Recovery!

Fifth: Click install zip from sdcard (or some thing like that)

Sixth: Click choose zip from sdcard

Seventh: Locate your zip and let it update


Have fun being free!

NOTE:If you're having problems with the HBOOT not detecting the .zip update, please check if you SD card is FAT32.

Thank You... ;):)

If you have Any queries About anything Related to hTC Wildfire Do Comments or PM Me....!!    8)

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