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Write fun programs on your phone and share them with other people! Bring your songs and pictures to life, and explore the sensors on the phone. You compose programs by tapping on the screen.

Update v2.5:

- New “Take the tour!” tutorial: learn how to play random songs by shaking your phone

- Use colors, pictures+sounds from the web as art in your scripts

- Better organization of your installed scripts

- General discussion forum in the app

- Pin installed/new/top/featured/forum/notification lists to phone start screen

- Some new APIs and many bug fixes

New features added in previous updates:

- Tap “Take the tour” for a tutorial that guides you while you create your very first script

- ""Pin to start"" any script action to the phone start screen

- Share your scripts with other people

- Take screenshots, write comments, reply to comments, compete on leaderboards

- Get push notifications when someone does something related to your scripts

- Script updates: publish a script update (same author, same name), and TouchDevelop will tell everyone to get the new version

- Search for relevant code snippets in other scripts while writing new script code

- Access to accelerometer, location, maps, translation services, web search, tile customization, charting, live camera, geo augmented reality, share on Facebook or Twitter, and more

- Fast game and physics engine for your scripts

- Events: write actions that get invoked when certain external events are triggered









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