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Is there themes for android devices ?

Or is it termed as launchers in android ?

On the basis of my own experience I prefer Go Launcher Ex

Which best themed and customized launcher ever

Nitesh you wanna buy a brand new lg optimus one???? At very cheap rates???

My phone is getting unofficial ICS update too:-) :-)

Sent from my LG-P500 using Tapatalk

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5663 + shipping charges :-) :-)


Sent from my LG-P500 using Tapatalk

I tried, its not a better deal

shipping charges are 106 AED

Customs and duties extra


400 AED (product cost)

which will be almost equal to 600 AED (8300 INR)

And warranty is from UAE :|

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I am planning to go for sony ericsson live walkman, what is your suggestion friends. my budget is around 15k

Better get Motorola Defy+ at that price. Sony Live isnt bad, but the only thing I dislike in it is its screen size.

For your budget either go with Sony Live or Motorola Defy+

The benefits of Moto Defy over Sony Live is as follows:

Water Resistant + Water Proof (for more than an hour - tested)

Scratch Resistant Body

Dust Resistant

Bigger Screen Size (For Easy web browsing - you need not scroll horizontally)

Touch is better in Moto Defy

Sony Live has poor built body (plastic casing), while Defy has toughen Fiber casing with rubber insulation.

Now, positive side of Sony Love over Motorola Defy

Bravia Engine (picture quality) - Though its said, it will be ported to Motorola Defy too within some months (but as default, it isnt present)

Sound Quality is nice

Android ICS update will be officially released for Sony Live in coming months

Camera is slightly good in Sony

Now you can decide which one to go for. Sony Live is 1k lesser than Motorola Defy.

If I am given a choice, I would have purchased Motorola Defy over sony Live for the following reasons as major

water resistant

Bigger screen Size

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Why does Android phones battery gets drained soon.

thatz the main concern actually.... We can see that android apps doesnt close completely and runs in background making it discharge battery backup.. Also, the graphical UI is a lot in Android adding to the battery consumption.

Even after this, the OS is not fully optimized to use minimum battery. Maybe Google thinks of it and releases better versions of Android in future :)

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