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Mod For SPB Mobile Shell ANDROID NEW by ninad


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Posted Image [img width=236 height=420] 2uo6fl3.jpg [img width=236 height=420] 1y624p.jpg[img width=236 height=420]http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/3011/scr000004di.jpg [img width=236 height=420]http://img861.imageshack.us/img861/3038/scr000003j.jpg

If this is your first SPB pack which you like to install just follow this steps:

1. Connect your phone to the pc (by bluetooth or cable)

2. Go to the directory where you have installed SPB (C or E) and go to Others

3. Copy the folder SPBShell into the Others folder

4. Now sign the sis-file and install it on your device

5. Select the new Theme file in (System/Personal/Designs/Custom) it is called "Winndows_Hd"

6. Now start your SPB shell

7. Press the Button on the bottom (right) which opens the SPB slide menu

8. Select settings

9. Select Professional for the Layout

10. If you like to use my setting file (all icons will be at the same position like on my device) follow the steps bellow

10.1 Press on the folder which opens the SPB menu

10.2 Press on the settings icon

10.3 Press on the icon on the bottom right

10.4 Press on the middle icon which will load a setting file

10.5 Search the setting file (remember first you should copy that file to your phone it is called "MSettings.set")

screen shots are included in file :)


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