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Introduction to XHTML!


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First thing CSS programming..!! CSS refers too cascading style sheets....what are they..? they are the files with .css extension they contain colour font size script atc.. they are prepared seperately ..we just give link of that file in the html file...why do we need them? ANSWER:coz every time mentioning the same colour and same font and same script is difficult for programmers to type and this is not the only reason when he wants to change the whole look of his website he has to edit a lot of files so simply editng one file is an easier way for him... so here goes the codding for it.. PROCEDURE: open notepad p {color: blue} h1 {color :white;text-align: center} p {font-family:arial;font-size: 80%;font-weight:bold} save the above file as temp.css now the frst line represents colour of the webpage second line is hedding and its alighnment third line is about font its size and weight... u can change any attribute in any line... now lets move to the html page.. now just add a line in head <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="(path of .css file)" /> now u'll see the colour in ur webpage which is in css file.. nxt pre command the html has an problem it automatically corrects our sentenses.. so if we want a command exactly same like we typed so we need to use pre command ... its like that <pre> (content) </pre> now a new command u know when we some tym move our cursor to some point in windows a small little yellow box appers which tells about it example  open GL in an window .move your cursur to where the gl window tan is displayed like where we can close the tab near it u'll see a small box below it thats wat i'm takiling about.. here we can insert it in our webpage. here's the code for it.. <acronym title=world wide web'> www </acronym> to insert someones contact information we hav 2 use <address></address> code (note:<br> aftr every line to break it) now a new command <blockquote>this is a long quoatation</blockquote> is used where we hav 2 use long quatations its result output would be like this 'Quotation starts here             this is a long quotation quotation end here' new command <div> tag its like this <body> text using div tag  starts here <div style="color:#ff000;"> text using div tag  here </div> text using div tag ends here </body> i taught u almost every essential tag in XHTML in my knowladge....ask any question in comments and query u want...practice to learn and see..sorry for i can't put screens as i don't hav tym that much...

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die u removed ur post..!!!i'll tstit again and post it again...i'm usng mobile tst tmrw...can't say nothng

what u mean ?? :-/

I am not getting it :(

The posts which I made was for test purpose on rectifying the <pre> tag issue you reported...after solving the issue, I cleaned all the offtopic comments I made for testing purpose !!!

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