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Best ROM for Xperia X10i (WB's 2.3)


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Wolf  TW | Gingerbread 2.3.3 | Theme, Tweaks & Extra's


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Please dont flash additional fixes like FPS Uncap or Audio Stutter issue in my ROM becouse it will wipe some Tweaks from me and is already included in my ROM since 3.5

Huge thanks to zdzihu for the FPS uncap and Audio lag fix [Check his AOSP ROM]


Any working ROM with xRecovery


FTF bundle posted below

Wolf_GB_2.3_TW.zip posted below


Stock Sony Ericsson 2.3.3 ROM

Pre-rooted (Superuser files pre-installed, busybox pre-installed!)

Recovery 0.3 (fully working)

FPS Uncap Hack

Mobile BRAVIA Engine, xLoud and Theme Chooser

Very Light Weight [80mb]


More Free Memory&RAM

Build.prop tweaks

CPU Governor Tweaks

removed unneeded SE and Google Services

Ringtones and Notifications on SD Card to save internal Memory

faster Startup

better Memory Management [more free RAM]

improved Peformance, Smoothness and Battery

Reboot Options Mod included

Compcache Tweak

Battery Tweaks

Process Priority Tweaks

Automatic ZipAlign

SD Card Speed boosted

VM/Sysctl tweaks

Kernel tweaks

Android Internal Taskkiller tweaked

I/O Scheduler tweaks

Reduced lags

Better memory management

Network speed tweaks & improvements

alot more so check it out....

And to make it sure, not all tweaks work on stock Kernel, some are just there for reference until custom Kernel is released that supports them.

How to install this ROM?! [Fresh Install]

Reboot into xRecovery and make a back-up of your current ROM. (You'll need a working xRecovery or else it will say Device/SD Card busy).

Wipe the following in xRecovery:

Factory Reset (Full wipe)

Wipe Cache Partition

Wipe Dalvik Cache

Go to install Custom Zip and choose Wolf_GB_2.3_TW_V4.zip

The following steps are only required if you don't have the new 2.3 kernel and .71 baseband, if you do have them you can reboot your phone and enjoy this ROM.

Turn off the phone by taking out your battery when ROM installation is finished

Open Flashtool and flash the FTF Bundle I made available for download. Press on Flash and follow the steps given to put your x10 into flashmode and flash the baseband and kernel.

When Flashtool is finished you can plug out the USB, turn your phone on and enjoy this ROM!


Wolf_GB_2.3_TW_V4.zip for Baseband 71 (The ROM itself!)

FTF bundle (2.3.3 kernel and baseband .71)

Speed&Hotfixes, Changelog and important Info

Additional Downloads

Click Here for Additional Downloads


Zdzihu/FreeXperia Team for everything they did!

Doomlord/aZuZu for Root & Kernel

ThJap for some nice Tweaks and Japanese EMOJI & SP push fix

PlayGunsta for finding some nice Tweaks

TripNRaVer for some Tweaks

pvyParts for EDT Tweaks & Not. Bar Toggle

my_Immortal for EDT Tweaks & Not. Bar Toggle

28spawn for xLoud

All Users for their support

If i forgot someone send me a PM and i edit it!

Donate XDA for their work:

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