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How To Flash C7 with Leaked Belle

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1. Download Phoenix Service Software 2011.46.002.47246.rar and install it.Make sure before installing Phoneix disable first your anti virus.

2. Download Nokia_C7_RM-675_RC_Belle_Euro3.rar and DUMMY file for rof3 from HERE

3. Note that Your phone doesn't need to be on Symbian Anna, it could be even on PR 1.0.

4. Make sure you have placed the above firmware files in folder path:

C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/RM-675

(If RM-675 folder doesn't exist, you need to create that manually)

Posted Image

5. Put DUMMY file for rof3 in any folder[easy to navigate later]

6. Run Phoenix and go to File and hit Open Product and choose RM-675.

[img width=556 height=420] c71z.jpg

7. Proceed to Flashing and hit Firmware update.(you will get window like below)

Posted Image

8. Select the firmware product codeby clicking the three dots (...) and click OK. (Don't worry for the product code, it can be any one)

[img width=560 height=420] c73.jpg

9. Now tick on the dead usb flashing box.Then click on option.Delete the file shown in red colour like in the second picture.(only delete file with name MMC).Just ignore the other(rof3)also shown in red.

[img width=560 height=420] c74i.jpg

[img width=557 height=420] c75t.jpg

10.Then click at the file with name ROF3 in the list like in the picture.Then click edit.New window like in the picture will pop up.Navigate to folder where you put the cleaned DUMMY file for rof3 earlier and click open.Once Succes the file will appear in BOLD like second picture.

[img width=564 height=420] c76iq.jpg

[img width=567 height=420] c77f.jpg

11.After click ok.Now you can click Refurbish.New window will pop up like below.Turn off ur phone.Take out the battery.Connect it to USB.Put yout battery back and click OK.Now the flashing should start.

[img width=560 height=420] c78u.jpg

Enjoy the Official Symbian Belle on your Nokia C7. (The flashing process is similar for every Symbian^3 Device, however you cannot use one device firmware on any other device)

Please visit Modding Section for some cool stuft......

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