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[Guide] Make Your Own SWF Home Screen


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for all the modders here who are trying to make their own SWF HS

use Adobe Flash CS3/CS5 for making your own home screen design

1. download my skeletal.fla bellow

2. open skeletal.fla with Adobe Flash

3. import wallpaper 360x640px (Ctrl+R)

4. import icons 80x80px (Ctrl+R)

5. convert icons to symbol-movie clip (F8)

6. give actionscript for the all icons (F9)

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {

  this.onPress = this.onDragOver=function () {

      this._alpha = 70;


  this.onDragOut = function() {

      this._alpha = 100;


  this.onRelease = function() {

      this._alpha = 100;

      fscommand("Launch", "mce.exe");



7. save your fla (Ctrl+S)

8. publish to swf (Shift+F12)

you can change mce.exe with your own applications

code for applications :

Messaging: mce.exe

Contacts: phonebook2.exe

music player: mpx.exe

web: browserng.exe

calendar: calendar.exe

gallery: mediagallery2.exe

camera: cameraapp.exe

maps: smart2go.exe

clock: clockapp.exe

calculator: calcsoft.exe

notes: notepad.exe

settings: gsapp.exe

ovistore: ovistore.exe

notepad - Notepad.exe

home - phoneui.exe

Profile - ProfileApp.exe

WLAN - wlansniffer.exe

Bluetooth - BtUi.exe

FileManager - FileManager.exe

Video - MediaPlayer.exe

Menu - menu3.exe

Radio - TubeFMRadio.exe

Credit : Gonizah



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