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Chrome Extension & Firefox Add-Ons (share your collection too)


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Hey guy just felt like making a post so that we could share extensions & add-ons that we use with our browsers on our daily bases to make it ease our work & look better.

Below are some of the ones i use :

Chrome Extentions:



-Disable all extensions plus


-SmartVideo For YouTube

-Speed Dial 2 <---would recommend this to all, its the best.

-TinEye Reverse Image Search

-Select and Speak or SpeakIt!


Firefox Add-Ons:






-twitzer - twitter more

-Image zoom

You too can share your collection :)

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Guest prayaas1998

Ya.. That's right but I'm too lazy and eco-friendly to do it.. (If no google searches are made in a year, carbon dioxide emissions will reduce immensely and will reverse all global warming! :P)

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