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Youlu 1.25 best messaging app for symbians


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Tired of marking friends from a long contacts list ? Tired of using that useless conversations app ? Really feel there can't b anything better than i-sms for chatting ? Ever thought of multimedia chatting exactly  like people do on their i phone ? Feels uncomfortable whil handling contacts  list due to non user friendly design m Guys U people have a smartphone , but have u ever sent pictures,songs,your own sounds and on the spot camera clicks while chatting ? Guys believe me, if u really want to feel what's called chatting then download it... Here are the features.. 1.has 3 tabs, 1st for conversations (like isms), 2nd is having all your contacts ... Arrange them as you wish Frequency wise or as per alphabets (default) or by online status.. 3rd tab has setting options .... How to use... u can send and recieve ny message as you do in i sms, in1st tab If you want to do multimedia chat. Then share this app to all your friends , ask them to b online (set it in sittings tab and net pack necessary) and enjoy sending almost everything ... :P I'll not explain everything here.. U try it yourself and enjoy note- set access point to a specific one instead of always ask me, else it will tease you asking to select access point every time you connect.. :) Don't forget my +1 :P


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It never happened with me in initial days  .. But later sometimes this started happening with me too... Actually u should install it just after a flash ( or anytime but before installing any app like idecompressor , zip, winrar or similar zippers) I m not sure but this may b the reason ... That's why i instal it always just after  flash.. By the way , frankly speaking all those skin are waste, best 1 is defalt only .. may be the night theme could be useful sometimes .. But i never use them , default is the best .. :P and have u tried the multimedia chat shashwat ?

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ok thanks for telling,will do it again after flashing n no haven't tried it yet.

man try it

That's the best part of it..

Give this app to your friend who's in your contacts list and have symbian ^1  or ^3 handset..

try it,  u'll  definitely forget what sms is .....


just imagine, sending sound without balance and getting the reply ..


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