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  1. A cool new app Cronnection ★★★ Introducing Cronnection ★★★ Description: Create your catalog of skills and objects in seconds, and share it on your social networking profiles. Promote your skills to help others with your spare time, and put a virtual price on the objects you no longer need. Easily add photos to your listings and enhance them to get more visibility. Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cronnection-create-your-skills/id909264997?mt=8 Requirements: iOS 8.1 or Later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. I recommend
  2. A cool new App Luxmeter ★★★ Introducing Luxmeter ★★★ Description: Lux Meter is an application that allows you to measure simply and quickly Real illuminance of a room or environment. The unit of measurement is the lux (lx). but you can also opt for the Kilo lux (Klux) Take the instantaneous measurement, keeping the highs measures, medium and minimum for better control in time IMPORTANT..!!! This application only works on devices with Light sensor Link to Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_renzo_macedo.Luxometer_Thermometer
  3. A cool new app HelloSPY ??? Introducing HelloSPY ??? Description: HelloSPY is a cell phone tracking and monitoring software for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. Once installed on the target phone you will be able to monitor and record all calls made and received, real time GPS location of the phone, track and record text messages (SMS), have access to the entire contacts list and photos stored on the phone and much more. HelloSPY application satisfies all needs for monitoring, tracking and backing up the data for any smartphones. Link to download page: http://hellospy.
  4. Parlay Ninja Hello, We have introduced a cool new app Parlay Ninja Description: Winner winner, Ninja dinner! Parlay Ninja is your ultimate source for sports predictions. Receive high quality sports picks everyday. What is a parlay? A parlay is combination of two or games in which all games must come in for you to win the bet. Most of our parlays are in the 2-4 game range each day (sometimes up to 8 games). Our sports picks are also perfect for single game wagers as well. Everyday we include a 'Ninja One' game in which we think would be a good bet for a single game wager. We use a multi
  5. A cool new app Pecuniam Introducing Pecuniam Description: Those that know, know. For those that don't, this is not for you. If you think this is too expensive, it is not for you. There is nothing in this app, other than knowing you can afford it. Once you own this app others will know that you can afford it. Link to Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.orange.splashanimation Requirements: Android 2.2 and up. Available for Android. I recommend you to download this new and awesome app. Enjoy!!
  6. Introducing a cool app Elite Daily Headlines Description The best way to read Elite Daily articles on your mobile device. Share your favorite articles on Facebook and Twitter straight from the app. Never miss a headline, Youtube video, or Instagram post again with Elite Daily Headliner right in your pocket! Download free from Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/elite-daily-headlines/id843189909?ls=1&mt=8 Download free from Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hr.apps.n164862806 I recommend you to download this free and awesome app. Enjoy!!
  7. Bounce or Renounce Introducing A cool new Game Bounce or Renounce Description: THE CHALLENGE AND JUMPING IS ON! Bounce or Renounce is a new Android game. Control your character by moving your device left and right and land on the moving object to go further up in this #1 thrilling and action packed jumping adventure and challenge other players. Help your character and survival by reach to further up as you can. Your character needs your help! The highest you go, the better chance you can help your character. It's your job to guide your character to jump through all kinds of obstacles. On
  8. Watch TV Video Introducing Watch TV Video Description: BROADCAST TV – FOR A MOBILE VIDEO WORLD Torrential TV provides premium entertainment programming, created for smartphone and tablet viewing. Our exceptional content creators, from independent and major studios, produce popular shows that are consistently formatted, short-form, episodic and frequently recurring. We’re growing fast, and we’re dedicated to providing you the finest viewing experience. All for the same price as a warm smile – free! Program It! All entertainment programming is selectable a-la-carte. Personalize your Torrentia
  9. A cool new app Dress Up Coco Fashion Stardoll Introducing Dress Up Coco Fashion Stardoll Description: Dress Up Coco Stardoll! She is the prettiest creature in the world! Just imagine that you have your own stardoll, which you’ll dress up and undress as baby! Isn’t it amazing? Now with Dress Up Coco – Fashion Stardoll app all your dreams will come true! You’ll make your stardoll baby beautiful, change her dresses and dress up her like a princess! Download this app and immerse yourself and your stardoll baby into the world of fashion, change dresses, pants, tights, skirts, summer sunglasses b
  10. A cool new game Poke it - Fast fingers ??? Introducing Poke it - Fast fingers ??? Description: So you think you have fast fingers ? Are you fast enough to beat the clock? Playing " poke it - Fast fingers " is all at your fingers tips. Look and touch. Hit, poke and pop! Find the moving object quickly and tap it as fast as you can. You'll need to think fast and be accurate with your hits since you will pay for any poke misses or unneeded taps. All it takes is one wrong touch to try to blast a wrong target, or a slip of your finger when poking the wrong point. Great time killer, highly e
  11. A cool new free Audio Books Free ??? Introducing Audio Books Free ??? Description: A robust app featuring All Free Audiobooks, Audio Book Search, Children's Books, Radio Books, Library Audiobooks and More! All in the convenience of a simple app that has all kinds of features being added daily. * Top 10 Audio Book Downloads All-Time * Search All Audio Books Available * Millions of Free Audio Books * Children's Audiobooks * Classic Audio Books in Public Domain We are continuously adding new resources and titles so make sure you check back often. Link to google play: https://play.goo
  12. A cool new app EventSocially ??? Introducing EventSocially ??? Description: Event Socially is becoming the authoritative source for all events and parties across the nation making social events much easier to connect to. Taking from what is the most popular and top trending in social media, Event Socially will lead you to the most talked about and relevant party in your area. Event Socially is your live connection to all nightlife, events and parties. Events can be added by anyone, anytime to Event Socially. Fun is at your fingertips. Never ask "What's the move?" or "Where should we go ton
  13. A cool new app WhatsApp Images: Share Cards ??? Introducing WhatsApp Images: Share Cards ??? Description: With Facebook, Twitter and Google+ WhatsApp Images is the fastest app for sharing images with close friends and family members. You can choose image for any occasion and share it using WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. WhatsApp Images contains many categories for daily greetings, expressions, quotes and occasionally holidays ...etc Features: * Daily updates New images in WhatsApp Images app will be added. * More than 30 categories You can choose images from over 30 cate
  14. A cool new app Janana ??? Introducing Janana ??? Description: Janana - Free Gift Rewards The First App Who Rewards Their Ushers With Console Sony Playstation 4, Xbox One, PayPal And More.. ---------------------------- If you really want to discover new world of apps and rewards the Janana app is just for you! ---------------------------- Got bored? Got time? On your road to school or job? For the first time Janana app gonna make you while your time away with great apps and rewards. Janana is completely FREE to use and is a great way to make your time worth your while Link to G
  15. A cool new app Lottery Mills ??? Introducing Lottery Mills ??? Description: Lottery Mills gives you various features which you can use to win more. You can check lottery results, find frequency & ranks of Pick 3 or Pick 4 digits, get instant notifications when your number comes up in a draw, save the history of your draws, play a game simulating actual lottery potential earnings and post your winnings on Facebook... Here are the features of this app: - Get latest pick 3 & 4 draw results - Calculate frequency and ranks of the digits 0-9 for all states, based on last 10 draws -
  16. A cool new app Ondbox Touch ??? Introducing Ondbox Touch ??? Description: Ondbox Touch is one of the first dialers to become “cross-platform” meaning there won't be any OS-like barrier to communicate freely between users. Ondbox Mobile will serve customers with affordable voice and data services and also enrich the lives of its customers. We will specialize in providing cheap calls to international destinations and cheap enough calls to local destinations. With Ondbox Touch, you can make free video/Voice calls and messaging within your Ondbox network of friends and extremely cheap call
  17. A cool new game Zombie Puzzle Invasion ??? Introducing Zombie Puzzle Invasion??? Description: Shots and puzzles, Weapons & Claws! Make your choice - to defend or attack and step into the world of Zombie Puzzle Invasion! NEW.. Compete against other players around the world for a new bonus each hour. The world is under attack from horrible Zombies! Lots of people were killed and hundreds of zombies defeated. The strongest and the most enduring are still fighting for the world. No-one knows who will win… Now there is only one last border between Good and Evil. It’s your choice now - t
  18. A cool new app MovieScreams Horror Show ??? Introducing MovieScreams Horror Show ??? Description: A Horror and Sci-Fi Anthology Web Series hosted by Roosevelt Samarie L. It's all been screened, filtered and re-edited by your horror movie host and filmmaker Roosevelt Samarie L. A classic vibe for a new medium. The coolest horror and sci-fi films are now showing on MovieScreams. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfzqVvW2A1A Link to Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wMovieScreamsHorrorShow&hl=en Requirements: Android 2.1 and up. I recommend you to down
  19. A cool new game Pixtaword: Guess The Word Live ??? Introducing Pixtaword: Guess The Word Live??? Description: Blur the lines between the real world and digital world with this new live picture, social media, and word game in one. What word do these live Instagram pictures have in common? BUT It's not always easy, it might just be a tiny logo in one picture or even an idea that the images portray. Test your social media knowledge. Solve endless picture puzzles. Over 1000 levels included with many more on the way. View live pictures from the #1 growing social media network and guess the
  20. A cool new game Chipper & Sons Lumber Co. ??? Introducing Chipper & Sons Lumber Co.??? Description Welcome to Beaver Forest, where little Tyke is about to venture out into the world for the first time! You'll plant trees, chomp trees, and build a wide variety of things using the lumber that you gather! Find trees and cut them down to collect the wood. Take the wood to Mr. Chipper (your Dad) and he will make lumber for you. Using that, as well as the items you collect, you'll build things ranging from Lumberbots, to Totem Poles, to Crab Cabanas, and in the process you'll unlock ne
  21. ? Keyboard Revolution Blue by Revolutionary Keyboards ? ? 10 Incredible Keyboards in 1 App!! This App even works for Tablets!! ? Key Features ? The following is a list of the key features available to you in the Keyboard Revolution Blue App: ? Unique Keyboard Font The font that comes with Keyboard Revolution Blue is beautiful, fresh, and stylish! ?? Multiple Background Options The Keyboard Revolution App was developed with Ten background styles so that you could have 10 different options at your disposal. Boring is not an option! Link to Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/st
  22. A cool new game Club's - Short Video Sharing ????? Introducing Club's - Short Video Sharing ????? Description: Clubs is a mobile app that gives people a unique experience of being owners or members of short video content groups (i.e. clubs). Clubs is a mobile app that lets people share short videos of up to 30 seconds. Clubs lets people start their own club and be an owner or join a club as a member. A club is a group of people sharing a common interest or passion. Potential clubs can include: Warren’s daily financial market overview, Gwyneth’s practical makeup how-to videos, Kate’s cat
  23. A cool new app Here I Am! ??? Introducing Here I Am! ??? Description: Never forgot the road to a place? Never need to tell a friend where you are? Well, with 'Here I am !' this won't be a problem anymore! WHY USING 'Here I am!' : NOTIFICATIONS: NEW ( BETA) : Now you can send your position without opening the app! If one of your friends sends you a message containing the keyword phrase ' Where are you? ' , 'Here I am !' will send a notification telling you that the contact requires your location! So you can send it, from the notification area, without any problem! SELECT THE LOCATIO
  24. A cool new app Champion Bidder ??? Introducing Champion Bidder ??? Description: Clock is ticking! Win luxury product by just rolling the dice. No purchased required. The higher your points, the higher chance you win. So how it works? 1. Login via Facebook. 2. Invite your friends (this is to gain more credits). 3. Roll the dice and convert into more bids. 4. Wait and win. 5. (Bonus) Relog back into the app to earn extra credits! As simple as that. Link to Google Play Store: https://goo.gl/MO9YIX Requirements: Android 2.2 and Up. Available for Android. I recommend you to download th
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