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  1. Soldier's Misfortune[Free][Game] Realtime shooting multiplayer games, you like Realtime multiplayer games? Just open the game give yourself an in game name, select the Game character. then all you have to do is just wait for other players to start fighting. It's that easy. Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=games.apricot.Avrahampopov.SoldiersMisfortune [IMG]https://play-lh.googleusercontent.com/fTFt7dmBNbZvbp1cmUSZgpLVDgTOOYegX62lJzAdnJH8NMDYmbc0MIpC84UC5L2bCQ=w2504-h800[/IMG] [IMG]https://play-lh.googleusercontent.com/letwpAvwkQWJIoQO_9VKSxNJzUUsAzbwVR1oSwmZrtm8W1XtA0k7TR-Kj-V3GGy0Mx8=w2504-h800[/IMG]
  2. Legends Battle Free Firing Epic Survival Aim Fire[Free][Game] Legends Battle Free Firing Epic Survival Aim Fire is an open world roaming action-adventure game for everyone to enjoy. If you like action battle royale games, this one is going to blow your mind. Here is the best Commando Strike Shooting Action game which has Squad Strike Super Action sequences. Most of the games of this type are online multiplayer shooting games, but if you are looking for offline battle royal games, or survival action games that are playable offline this game is for you. Like the top rpg action games, this game has a wide variety of missions, weapons, and battle tactics. Take a look at the following list to get a clearer idea of various types of missions included in this free and offline combat game: - Killing Missions: In these missions you’d have to kill a particular number of enemies to win and get rewards. Your agility will be a prime quality to win these kinds of missions. Free Shooting Fire Games like this will blow your mind. - Bomb Planting Missions: In these missions you will be required to plant bombs in specific enemy settlements. You’d have to be smart and make use of your senses to avoid being noticed by the enemies. You’d have limited time to finish the job, therefore you’d have to be quick about it too. Legends is the best Combat Battle Games Offline Combat Commando Games are rare these days and Legends Free Aim Fire is the top and Best Combat Games. - Bomb Defusing Missions: These missions are going to be very tricky and challenging like all Action battle royale games. Your enemies will plant bomb in this Battle Royale Games in your settlements and you will be required to find and defuse them in time to survive in this Battle Royale Survival - Hostage Rescue: If you love to play battle ground action games that require high use of your brain – these missions will satisfy you big time. The enemies will keep people hostage and you’d have to rescue them. You’d have to kill enemies and ensure your survival while you rescue your allies. You’d have to defeat exciting and challenging odds in these missions which will entertain you greatly. - Sniper Missions: One of the things that makes action adventure rpg games great is sniper missions. If you like sniper games, these missions will amaze you. You’d have a great sniper rifle to shoot enemies on challenging time-sensitive missions, and will win great rewards upon accomplishments. Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unknown.legends.free.fire.battleground.survival [IMG]https://play-lh.googleusercontent.com/4ABx45T37k63hGKkCTjtj9jLhVXyd8qVF5jmbxGjS33POwt9HfFpvRH8kvGzcxIymi5G=w2504-h800[/IMG][IMG]https://play-lh.googleusercontent.com/1s9B72XXCnYQD9MqsqRXDHVla15fUnDh3hh8g0a4PvWPXiYhkCFLOvC8B8Ke05O66w=w2504-h800[/IMG]
  3. Super Ardo Shooter Boy Runner Jump and Run Shooter[Free][Game] Super Ardo Shooter- Jungle Fighting Adventure , Fight enemies and collect golden coins Super Ardo Shooter - Boy Runner - Jump and Run Shooter Jungle Fighting Adventure Game is a delightful game for kids and adults alike. If you are a fan of world adventure games that features shooting along with run and jump adventure, then this run jump shoot boy adventure or Super Ardo Shooter Boy runner game is just perfect for your taste. You can run and shoot and jump through different obstacles and make your way through the next levels while having a lot of fun. The gameplay includes some amazing and fun features apart from running, jumping, and shooting. You can fly on a jetpack or plane to fly over water and collect more points. Your runner boy will slide under rocks and other things in this super adventure jungle run game. The super jungle world is full of wonder and amazement. The worldbuilding is vast and interesting. If you are looking for a runner shooter super jungle world adventure game filled with beauty and delightful challenges, then the boy runner or kid runner character will take you on an incredible journey! This run jump shoot boy adventure game is one of a kind run and jump adventure game which will keep you mesmerized for hours with it's delightful gameplay and versatility. How to play: This is one of those delightful jump and run shooter boy runner game where the character will start running at the start of the game and instantly the challenge will start. You'll have to jump over rivers full of wild water, shoot and remove cute, yet dangerous creatures to move forward. There will also be obstacles as rocks, spinning blades, wooden logs which you'll have to avoid by jumping over and sliding under to survive. Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SuperArdo.Shooter [IMG]https://play-lh.googleusercontent.com/hil8d42aFnNjQDjtFvPZIepk78nqogCMJtAQBYBUKWbiwJNZXTtbPp8EJHfUYY3dAw=w2504-h1200[/IMG] [IMG]https://play-lh.googleusercontent.com/04IQUPN2cEU8Vr3eev67s6zkNVF-sdAForAb-zE_mKQhHHee3UeEjoJhTuN50LaXyT4=w2504-h800[/IMG]
  4. Guess the Word – Free Offline Games – Word Puzzles Are you ready for the ultimate challenge to guess the words that fits perfectly with the images? Then… you are in for a treat with this guess the word gaming app! This game is quite easy to play, but some levels may be a little difficult. You can be sure that you will have fun playing this game and if you get stuck, you can always ask a friend for help, how cool is that? This game is addictive, challenging and there is no chance for a break. You can always watch an ad video for a reward if you need more coins to get hints. Here are some of the features that makes this Guess the Word the BEST: 💖 High Quality Pictures: This guess the word puzzle game truly has some amazing high-quality pictures. 💖 Limited Hints: Some levels can be a bit challenging, but don’t fear, you can always use your coins to get a hint if you get stuck. 💖 Levels: You need to complete levels before going unto the next level. This makes the game a bit more difficult, but the end result will be much better if you complete each level before moving unto the next one. 💖 Difficulty Levels: This word puzzle game has different difficulty levels; some are very easy while others might be more challenging and difficult to complete. This guess the word puzzle game is suitable for phones and tablets. Another feature is that this game is perfect for young and old. What are you waiting for? Download this Guess the Word Offline Game for FREE and have fun with these challenging puzzles that won’t let you take a break! Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lizelle.myguessthepic [IMG]https://play-lh.googleusercontent.com/-LZ6CKh4Trqj1hPD_j67-QFQVggOYY6hegTK2q02okfoppg8GHUP6rBoSy3Rzyx_zxKF=w2504-h1200[/IMG][IMG]https://play-lh.googleusercontent.com/_qlQAPF8z3zwLgq6Ho8fkgs7WiEUIx3k2A3T1ZIU7opvmEIZRvTVYpCA9gJjDfOt_JvR=w2504-h1200[/IMG]
  5. Venus multi slot machine – sun casino slots free Revive the timeless fun and thrilling casino gaming action with this classic slot casino game. Whether you are pro gambler or a learner who is seeking for a no non-sense app to experience classic casino slot machines in your free time, this lucky spin game is here for you. Spin to win your lucky numbers in the slot games and up your rankings to beat the global pool of slot games players. Try Venus multi slot machine – sun casino slots free now! Classic Casino Sloth Machines Fun If you are someone who misses the feel of classic slot gaming or a new player who wants to experience the timeless feel and fun of classic casino slot machines, Venus Multi Slot Casino Game is the perfect pick for you. The game offers you a chance to spin and win the lucky numbers that can help you rank up your position in the global pool of players. Timeless Classic Slot Gambling Game Whether you are sitting idly with your friends or planning to host a killer virtual gambling extravaganza, this spin to win slot game is here for you. Featuring three different slots in the lucky spin round, the Venus Multi Slot game lets you experience the gaming feel of classic Casino slot machines no matter where you are sitting. Spin To Win The Lucky Numbers and Rank Up Do you like to place huge bets and experience the adrenaline rush through your veins as you test your luck in slot games? If yes, this casino slot game is definitely going to win your attention for hours. Spend quality time gambling with your group of friends as all of you attempt to hit the Venus Multi Slot jackpot and become the ultimate winner of lucky spin casino games. Test Your Luck and Beat Competitors Take the thrill of betting and testing your luck to a whole new level with this spin to win classic slot casino machines game. Win jackpot or hit the lucky numbers to rank up your position in slot games players and win. Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.venus.venusmulti [IMG]https://play-lh.googleusercontent.com/JukwmOpWLKR2zqOQT34vNQvm2R6WpSPEMF4enGASKFEJLvjuOZCsk2O6v7exiMUyfI29=w2504-h1200[/IMG][IMG]https://play-lh.googleusercontent.com/0iK_K5XIOBFNkr7UGYBq8EG6HK-ISxMHs9Lh_FySQrIWifRsZcJXwNItpBQdXD3A2RQ=w2504-h1200[/IMG]
  6. SWAG– SHARE VIDEOS AND EARN CASH[Free][App] SWAG is a free short video app and social platform for video creators and influencers. Watch unlimited short videos, funny videos and entertainment videos by popular video creators that will make your day! Designed for people to showcase their innovative videos online, SWAG Short video app provides an easy and seamless interface for users to create, edit and share their videos across the globe. Features of SWAG short video community app - Full screen video experience with high quality short video content - Meet new people online, make friends, chat online and watch amazing short video clips - Create & Upload interesting short videos and get famous on SWAG with thousands of likes and followers! Be a social media star for Free! - Discover amazing music and short video to keep you entertained - Light short video sharing app for you and your friends! - Enjoy short funny videos with light humour and entertainment - 100% Free short video sharing app - EARN CASH AWARDS !! Take your videos to the next level with special effects filters, fun stickers, music, and more! SWAG video community app aims at providing a free video platform where people can come and entertain themselves with small videos posted by other people across the world and also create a social incentive for people to share and create their own videos online. Add your favorite music or sound to your videos for free Easily edit your short videos with unlimited free music clips & sound effects. Choose from the latest, popular music and make a fabulous music video! Download to Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thikthakapp.thikthak [IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/VvlCt922-dyLhum_aP6VF5JAsRIPQymLO-17nZ9E93LYiBNfdNOl-rUI_Aux1cuiNsA=w2504-h1200[/IMG][IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/rR_VhToVrZbmHZj-UOrTSmmFxC6dl2mSOyXq8JxdEg6dPcLAkFSsINYcTHoLP7L4MF4=w2504-h1200[/IMG]
  7. Baby Care. Breastfeeding timer, Sleep log, Diaper [FREE][APP] A COOL NEW Parenting APP Looking for a productive app with baby care, breastfeeding tracking, and supports all daily events of your baby? Baby Care - Newborn tracking, is the perfect app for you right now. By adding events with Baby Care - Newborn tracking app, you will easily improve your life by moving all your baby daily events to your smartphone. you will enjoy our rich and informative history page, export, and import your data. You will enjoy the following features- * Breastfeeding tracking * Track all your baby daily events * Support breastfeeding, diaper, bottle, and more * History page - contain all your baby history * Add multiple kids with multiple color themes to choose from * Import and Export your data * Multiple language support Baby Care - Newborn tracking is the fastest and most user-friendly Baby care app. By doing a few clicks, our app will quickly add all the information about your baby. When adding events, It’s fast, easy, and secure. Baby Care - Newborn tracking can support all types of baby events including Breastfeeding, Diaper, Bottle, and many more. In baby settings, you can also create as many kids as you want while keeping history and color theme to each of them. Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yalin.babycare [IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/5U9cGUmHfF2e-cMAPTreBp4wdmh__nw_ut2XvJ2q93HYOZc8ODLadu7uyD6tC-u306g=w2504-h1200[/IMG][IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/JeaVf_216P_sxIomlgnDmMcFCitwDDw_R73Nt0pcM33meSZr2AumoKCuAdq6m0jOEp4=w2504-h1200[/IMG]
  8. Tiny Pdf Scanner[Free][App] Tiny Pdf Scanner - Small app that scans everything!!! Tiny Pdf Scanner turns your device into a powerful and full featured scanner for documents, receipts, photos, texts and photos and easily convert them to text, PDF or Image same as scanner. Our OCR technology allows you to detect text so you can scan and convert it to text or PDF file, and you can even edit the documents right away! For busy people on the go, Tiny PDF Scanner is a must have. Our app is also FREE, so there is nothing stopping you from downloading and trying it now! ▶ FEATURES OF TINY PDF SCANNER: • 100% FREE FOR A LIFETIME. Our app is totally free to download and use. No subscription fee, no usage fee. This is the best free scanner app with the highest functionalities. • SCAN EVERYTHING! Scan documents, photos, receipts, texts, images, and many more. Save time and energy finding a scanner to scan everything. Use your camera phone to do it. • AUTO DETECTION. Tiny PDF Scanner can auto detect your image, text and photos’ edges which will be less time consuming. • EDIT IMAGE. Crop, rotate, add filter, and use various tools to edit the image. You can add Brightness and improve the colors with our built-in photo editor tools. • OCR. OCR technology allows our app to recognize text in images. It means that you can save the scanned documents as text and edit it right away. • USE IMAGE FROM CAMERA ROLL. Edit images that you capture using the Camera function. Use our OCR technology to detect and convert images from Camera Roll. Very convenient and fast! • SUPPORTS 96 LANGUAGES. Our OCR technology can recognize text from 96 different languages, even with non-Latin letters such as Japanese, or Chinese. • FAST AND LIGHT. Capture images, process with our OCR, and save as document files in less than 60 seconds! How to use Tiny PDF Scanner: • Place a document on a flat surface or load a pre-saved one from your device • Open our app and take a photo of the document to “scan” it. Edges of the document is auto-detected but can be also changed manually. • If the document contains text, you can use our app to detect the text and make edits. • You can also Crop, Rotate, Edit image or enhance its colors. • Save files inside app or share them through email, files, and other apps. So, what are you waiting for? Download and try Tiny PDF Scanner now! Link to Itunes: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tiny-pdf-scanner/id1105479069?l=tr
  9. Decypher gaming news, video game release and news[FREE][APP] A cool new app Decypher gaming news, video game release and news * Decypher Gaming News is new version of our beloved Gamify Gaming News app. It is the highest rated gaming news app available on playstore, also with tons of new features and old enhances functionality. Decypher video game news app lets its users to access gaming, gaming release and topic based gaming news in a simple, sleek interface optimized for smartphones and tablets. It has all the major gaming sources. - Fully customizable for those who wants to personalize their news. - You can also search gaming news for selected sources only - Platform specific video game news and gaming news release available - In app browser so that you do not have to leave app while reading your favorite gaming news. - Bookmark, like and share your favorite gaming news articles - Include video game release date, reviews, metacritic score reviews. - You can see previous notification liked bookmark. - First app to implement category based news where you can get gaming news base on various categories available in market. - Dynamic theme support is also available so you can enjoy your video game news in more customized environment. - Explore section to create your own feed section, you can fully customized your video game news. - Dynamic Notification System so that you not miss out your favorite gaming news. - Carousel for similar gaming news so that you can choose different sources for same game news. - Infinite scrolling! we have millions of gaming news in out database, so that you can access previous gaming news. Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gamingnews.videogames.videogamenews.news [IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/apIB0dmWsY6VW16GVPrD0daDTXVM8Q7PRp4rcV3cZm0auzaOeouelElPa-NtwdM8K6Q=w2504-h1200[/IMG][IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/de7htp9yZwymr_UbcsZE1vZLaJDQH63cYaOP_YASfp51qLRfo_PGl9KNEdgNyyD1IIKc=w2504-h1200[/IMG]
  10. WhatStatus Saver [FREE][APP] A COOL NEW APP WhatStatus Saver Loved a Friend's Status? Well, here is an app that lets you download images, GIF, Video of your friend’s WhatsApp status and it also allows you to share media and repost status from app to your friend. Apps/Environments Supported 1. Normal WhatsApp Statuses 2. Business Statuses 3. Parallel Space WhatsApp Statuses Key Features of WhatStatus Saver App * Multi Save, Share, Repost, Set As wallpaper/Profile Picture * Easy Repost Status even without saving, * Easy & Fast Saving, * Built-in Image Viewer & Video Player, * Easy Navigation! * User Friendly How to Use? -> Watch the story or status in WhatsApp. -> Open status saver App, Click on image or video to view in full screen. -> Click the Download to save WhatsApp story image/video. -> You can share and repost also your friends WhatsApp story image/video. The Status is instantly saved to your Phone or Gallery Still, Reading? Go get the App & start saving Statuses Rate it if you liked the App Probably a valuable 5 Star Rating Link to download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tozent.whatstatussaver [IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/fMrpCznIpHtiizfoSxpRts8K6-c2Cc7iXsqL_CyYPUzExuz_vs3XVaDhN-CL-2MUdQ=w2504-h1200[/IMG][IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pjknS7yp0CK2QN4OUCILsyxkMqzw-DZiDTBj6aWn4FBFkJ8J26xj2E_DiFidCRM9NbeB=w2504-h1200[/IMG]
  11. Stymied[FREE][GAME] A COOL NEW PUZZLE GAME STYMIED it’s the definitely difficult brain teaser puzzle game designed by Warwick Blent. This game is perfect for players who love to play challenging puzzle games. Test your intelligence to the limit by beating the 200th level. There are four beautiful blockified worlds including Forest, Desert, Cave, and Space. As well there up to 18 quirky block pieces joining you on a great puzzle-solving journey! To play the game drag, rotate all your block pieces into place. Cover every grid space to pass a level and collect a coveted flag. This sounds easy right... or will you be Stymied? This game contains 3rd Party Advertising which you can remove via an in-app purchase. The game implements ads in premium placements sympathetically. We do not overly spam ads or place ads to encourage accidental clicks. If you do experience issues with the appearance of ads please let us know. We want to give you a great game first and foremost! This game contains in-app purchases for virtual currency coin packs. No content in the game is blocked via in-app purchases. All game content including consumables and inventory (only excluding ads removal) can be earned in-game through participation in collecting daily rewards and watching ads for coins. Link to Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stymied&hl=en_US [IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/AzmIg5I1mpf7y5sM9R8ZPFU60-6INmu-BCT__UpzedDEf_BUIoX3-CFoLB7NM0jjNHPa=w2504-h1200[/IMG][IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/C5imlC8JHNTRKaLhk-DDbkU7oZ1Qw_VbYUDL7yfs-377OQYuQBo2jaNoR3fOo1ZkSQ8=w2504-h1200[/IMG]
  12. Prize Strike Treasure Hunt Play to earn prizes Early registration is now open for Prize Strike a real life treasure hunt. This game is different as it offers large prizes from gift cards to cryptocurrency through its AR treasure hunt game. Link to Early Registration: https://prizestrike.com/
  13. Mega Cash - Earn Real Money Rewards[FREE][APP] A cool new Rewards App Are you new to make side cash on your phone... The Current app is the top cash rewards app to earn money ! Yes, Real Cash! Get paid to play unlimited casual games everyday ! Here are all the ways you can make money on your phone daily with the free Current music app. 🤑 Spin The Wheel 🤑 Slot Game 🤑 Watch and earn 🤑 Dice Roll Download to Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.megacash.games [IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/_lGRSDUUfz8c9JYdEG0ZSR5Prk-1A19nq4y-9TgRuaYCSuF_J3AcCWwBMUKf1bQeEkTy=w2504-h1200[/IMG][IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/vvaWqFTwUygtl9nqx14-_CMolVeDpDZ9nDTjYKWbNrDIXNBDiVHRMx2m3Zzq0dWEd4c=w2504-h1200[/IMG]
  14. All In One Status Saver[Free][App] A cool new app for All in One Status Saver Do you want to save that post, story , status or video across all your social media platforms with just one app? Yes One Single App You are definately on the right app page dear user. How to Use? We have included "How to Use" on every social media platform You will find your way out. Pretty easy to navigate Notable Features: * Multi platforms (Facebook, Whatsapp & Whatsapp Business, Instagram, Tik-Tok,Twitter and Vimeo), * Easy share and repost * Easy & Fast Saving, * Inbuilt gallery * Built in Image Viewer * Easy Navigation! Why keep all separate apps instead of just one great app for every platform. Please go ahead and enjoy this app. Download to Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.clement.allstatussaver [IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/KTuumgK5b2ZFSlpisSAzDt6XFpF0mwyb0me0Cp5WEZN9WBo7Mwr_5bNdesS-4DAWRg8W=w2504-h1200[/IMG][IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Kya5VQQENKyC6skE_kRkGmYcv3aGIUxeDgshrDuDCTSPJ1nb78TE9cV7UNY5D0SKwpA=w2504-h1200[/IMG]
  15. Mister Midori – Lite[Free][Game] This is the commercial version of Mister Midori. If you do not like to be interrupted by advertising please consider buying the full version. There will be NO advertising at all. NO registration. NO data wil be collected or sent. NO in-app purchases. NO permissions are needed on your device. Mister Midori is based on the idea of SOKOBAN. You push marbles around until they reach their correct place in a labyrinth-style level. There will be lava, wormholes, transporters, evil animals and other features to make you think and hurry. 99 Levels and a great 80s-chiptune-style soundtrack are waiting for you. Link to iTunes: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1532167353
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