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  1. A cool new game WoodPeacker ★★★ Introducing WoodPeacker ★★★ Description: WoodPeacker - The Tree Trunk Breaker !! WoodPeacker is a game that is both challenging and exciting! But be careful! Be sure to be on the correct Trunk when Tree pass through the gate! WARNING: Highly Addictive! [ Instructions ] - Tap and hold to switch your Trunk to break each Tree. - Earn points by correctly break the Trees Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/woodpeacker-tree-trunk-breaker/id951663405?ls=1&mt=8 Requirements: iOS 8.0 or Later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, a
  2. A cool new game Loki's Locks ★★★ Introducing Loki's Locks ★★★ Description: Loki, the man with a thousand tricks, have capture the souls of the world in an intrigate box, and surrounded it with tricky locks. Will you be the one to best him in his own game and solve his devious riddles lock by lock ? Loki's Locks is a simple puzzle game with some old nordic vibes. Each locks is trickier than the last, and new locks appear over time. If your new to puzzle games, or a skilled codebreaker, Loki's Locks is sure to give you the challenges you need. Link to google play: https://play.goo
  3. freethinkern

    Red Arrow

    A cool new app Red Arrow ★★★ Introducing Red Arrow ★★★ Description: Red Arrow is a minimal navigation app! Build for those who love to walk and make their own directions as long as they have a direction, Red Arrow is built around a beautiful minimal interface, with simplicity and speed of use in mind. Simply place a pin on the map (either manually with your finger or search) and the Arrow points at it. From that point and after when you need directions simply take your phone out your pocket, glance, and reholster! AUTO COMPLETE MAP SEARCH For quick and easy destination
  4. A cool new game Enemy Dawn: WWII Global Conflict Warfare ★★★ Introducing Enemy Dawn: WWII Global Conflict Warfare ★★★ Description: Title : Enemy Dawn: Global Conflict You've seen the trailer. You've waited in anticipation. Now it's here! Play the highly acclaimed “Enemy Dawnâ€. The Nazis has invaded Poland and you're smack dab in the middle of the Battle. As a Polish Soldier commanding a mobile rocket launcher, you must defend Poland from the Nazis to prevent the global world order. Defend Poland against an onslaught of Ju-87 Stuka Aircraft, Panzer Tanks and warships. Im
  5. A cool new game Twitchy Thrones ★★★ Introducing Twitchy Thrones ★★★ Description: Twitchy Thrones is a fast and fun strategy game with a medieval fantasy setting. Battle your way throughout the violent land of Lefteros! Conquer varied battles rendered in gory and detailed pixel art! Complete challenges such as playing as the enemy, quickly losing a map and much more! Help House Storker bring honor and justice to all the kingdoms! Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onceabird.twitchythrones Requires Android: 2.3 and up I recommend you to downl
  6. A cool new game Power Up! - 2048 Volts of Battery Charging, Tile Sliding, Puzzle Solving Fun! ★★★ Introducing Power Up! ★★★ Description: Slide the tiles to charge your batteries! Simple to play, hard to master - play by swiping all the tiles in one of four directions with your finger. If two batteries of the same charge collide, they combine to make a battery of the next higher charge. Keep swiping and combining batteries until you get the elusive Full Charge. Take your time. This is a game of strategy, not speed. Inspired by the popular web game 1024, and the app Threes, P
  7. A cool new app Email Management Facilitator ★★★ Introducing Email Management Facilitator★★★ Description: The TCM E-Mail Management Facilitator app lets you export all of the contacts from your phone into a powerful Windows database application called TCM on your PC. From there you can start contacting the hundreds or thousands of people who have linked to you through services like LinkedIn ,Skype, Facebook or Google+. What's TCM? It's the ultimate database, the definitive advanced business management system. It's a Windows PC database application which manages your contacts, e-
  8. A cool new game Snake classic!★★★ Introducing Snake classic!★★★Description:SUPER ADDICTIVE AND HIGHLY RETRO SNAKE GAME!If you liked the snake game that first was released on mobile phones then you will LOVE this game!Snake Classic is a super retro game with brand new 60 levels to playand many hours of fun!This is the 100% full game with NO advertisements, Just pure fun!Retro game graphics and music that will give you that true arcade feeling in just a second.Collect the apples and the snakes grow instantly, avoid getting in trouble along the wayDon't touch the walls or the yellow
  9. A cool new game Duck hunt★★★ Introducing Duck hunt★★★Description:SUPER RETRO Number 1 BEST SELLING GAMEplay and you want to know that the fuzz is all about!100% full game100% free from ads and you NEVER have to pay anything else inside the gamePLUS you get free lifetime updates too!AWESOME RETRO game tune that will get you back to the 80´s in a few seconds and give youthat smile and old memories back in no time!For all super retro game lovers out in the world that likes the old style Duck Hunt gamewill absolutely LOVE this one!This is the game you need so stop looking for alterna
  10. A cool new app The Vine Soundboard ★★★ Introducing The Vine Soundboard ★★★ Description: -------------------------------------- 50% off for the first launch week! -------------------------------------- The Vine Soundboard is the first soundboard made off famous vine quotes. Includes famous quotes such as: "BRUH" "I wanna be famous" "Oh hell naw" and much more! You're favorite quote isn't there? It's simple. Write a review with your request and it will be added within 1-2 weeks! Enjoying the app? Please consider giving us a positive review :-) Link to iTunes: htt
  11. A cool new app THE WALLS by MnR ★★★ Introducing THE WALLS by MnR ★★★ Description: ** COMPLETELY EXCLUSIVE COLLECTIONS** ** SPECIALLY IPHONE 6 & IPHONE 6+ READY ** ** HD & RETINA QUALITY ** ** HANDPICKED & HANDMADE WITH CARE ** ** AD FREE ** ** YOU CAN BROWSE THE WALLS OFFLINE ** ** NO TYPICAL COMMON WALLPAPERS ** ** EVERY UPDATE WILL BRING ALL NEW WALLPAPERS *** ‘The Walls’ by MnR . A wallpaper app with 100+ specially selfmade , carefully handpicked & completely exclusive walls perfect for your IOS 7 & 8 devices . All the Nebula a
  12. Hello, A cool new game Lost Qubixle It is available on iPhone, iPod and iPad . Description:*** Sale 50 percent off for a limited time *** The Lost Qubixle is a perspective puzzle game. Your task is to reconstruct a figure from three perspectives. This game requires that you use your perception skills and that you make the best use of your logical thinking. Overcome the barriers of your perception and improve your logical thinking by solving mind-blowing puzzles. Story: Do you ever asked yourself what happens when a star collapses? The Qubixle is a cube-shaped star which collapsed sudde
  13. Hello, We have introduced a cool new exciting game Railroad Extreme HD It is available on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Description: Ever wondered how train drivers drive long length trains with massive engines? Now you got a chance to drive yourself with Railroad Extreme! Drive massive trains and take command of rail transport operations in your hand!! It’s a challenging job. Railroad Extreme HD is packed full of awesome game play, routes and sessions to give you the best Train driving experience on your Smartphone. Game Features: -Detailed HD graphics -3 realistic 3D Landscapes -3 ty
  14. A cool new app MapItOut ★★★ Introducing MapItOut ★★★ Description: Turn your iPhone into a full Navigation system. Using Online tools to enhance real offline experiences. Explore the World travel in a smart way. Search any city on earth plot out on map all the places you wish to visit, quickly search for points of interests save the spots and used the saved map to get direction to each spot. Email share on Facebook, Tweet or mapchat while you plan over wifi and bluetooth. Great map app provides all the features you need and don't get from other maps. Perfect navigation lever
  15. freethinkern


    A cool new app tapsnap ★★★ Introducing tapsnap★★★ Description: tapsnap is the simplest camera app for the iPhone and iPad. It's perfect for the huge screen on the iPhone 6. Launch it and tap anywhere on the screen and a photo is saved to your Camera Roll. No fiddly controls! No settings! No filters! Hold your device any way up and it will be ready to take a photograph with the right orientation. It can be used by vision impaired or elderly people confidently and without fear of activating a control or feature by tapping somewhere on the screen reserved for a button.
  16. A cool new iPad app Common Core State Standards® Grade 3 Math Practice Test ★★★ Introducing Common Core State Standards® Grade 3 Math Practice Test★★★ Description: The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear curriculum about what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help. Various States and School Districts offer tests that measure student proficiency. This Practice Test is based on the Common Core Standards curriculum at http://www.corestandards.org/ . The Core Standards community was not involved in the developme
  17. A cool new app Medi Translate ★★★ Introducing Medi Translate★★★ Description: The 'FIRST' iPhone/iPod app of its kind, easy to use and designed by an experienced on-road paramedic. This app will assist with obtaining vital past medical history and breaking down language barriers. THIS APP COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!!! The Medi Translate app can translate all your entered medical information into any language, has a built in audio function which speaks out your information in both your native tongue and a foreign language. It can also email your information to a friend, family memb
  18. A cool new game Candy Rasta ★★★ Introducing Candy Rasta ★★★ Description: Candy Rasta is a friendly Jamaican that loves sweet treats. His love for candies is not in line with the typical healthy (ital) lifestyle of Rastafarians. *** Candies fall from the sky and your mission is to swipe the sweets before the Candy Rasta gets a taste of the mouth-watering treats. *** From time to time, Jamaican Fruits and Veggies will whiz across the screen. Earn extra points if you connect with the fruits/veggies. *** Players will be chided by the Candy Rasta with popular Jamaican sayings
  19. A cool new app Typesetter ★★★ Introducing Typesetter★★★ Description: *****Discounted for a limited time***** "Brilliantly simple." - Ian James "I used to be obsessed with this app when I had an iPhone. So happy to find it on Android!" - Sarah Moore "My mother loves receiving the notes I write her through Typesetter." - Greg Pawley "These fonts are INSANE!" - Natasha Campos ____ With unique filters and exclusive fonts, Typesetter will transform a regular photo into a work of art in just seconds. Send personal messages, clever memes, creative designs, or even professional annou
  20. A cool new game Soaring Santa Full ★★★ Introducing Soaring Santa Full★★★ Description: It is Christmas Eve and Santa has lost all of the presents! Help santa collect the presents to deliver to all the good children for Christmas. Watch out for the candy canes of doom, giant snow balls, wreath missiles and the dreaded North Pole Sign! Full Version Includes: 2 new skins! Play as a reindeer or an elf! Double the amount of Levels over the free version! Endless Runner Mode..see how long you can go for! No ads! Link to Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detail
  21. A cool new game Lake Legends ★★★ Introducing Lake Legends ★★★ Description: Aliens and human benefactors are trying to take over the world and enslave humanity. The only hope for mankind is to collect all of earths magic orbs that have been scattered across 20 Lakes. Take up the challenge in this fast paced action game and save the world! Link to Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.byte4byte.lakelegends Requirements: Android 3.0 and up. Available for Android. I recommend you to download this awesome and action game. Enjoy!!
  22. A cool new app Those Bunny Books ★★★ Introducing Those Bunny Books ★★★ Description: Those Bunny Books Co has the mission to promote literacy for a lifetime, while creating a reading experience. Keeping both parents and children in mind, Those Bunny Books created an App that the whole family can enjoy. With direct links to our Facebook page, Instagram, That Bunny Author Blog, and Those Bunny Books website, Bunny news and parent resources will be regularly updated in one easy location. Focusing on the children, the main element to Those Bunny Books App is our Bedtime Bunny sto
  23. A cool new app Premier League Tracker ★★★ Introducing Premier League Tracker★★★ Description: All you need to know about the greatest league in the world at your fingertips. Updated by the minute so you never miss a goal. Follow your team wherever you are and keep abreast of the action as it happens. All the action and all the goals from all 380 premier league games as they are being played so you never miss a thing. Keep an eye on the transfer market with the team pages and watch the league table as it changes. You can now see the season unfold before your eyes and see
  24. Hello, A cool new app SpellConnect It is available on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Description: SpellConnect is a game designed to help young children learn how to spell. It features three different modes: practice, test and parent modes. Practice: This mode helps kids learn alphabet letters and practice spelling words. The game involves connecting alphabet letters to form words of 3,4 and 5 letters in length as well as relating words with photos and sounds. Test: When activated by parents, kids can attempt tests of up to 15 words. Parent: Parents can create tests, as well as activate and
  25. Hello, We have introduced a new app Folder Lock Pro Description: Folder Lock® Pro lets you password-protect your personal files e.g. photos, videos, documents, contacts, wallet cards, notes and audio recordings in Android Phones. Backup your locked data on your cloud account e.g. Drop box. The app comes with a clean and pleasant interface that’s user-friendly. You can transfer files from Gallery, Camera, Phone, PC/Mac and Private internet browser. *Folder Lock® Pro for Android Phoneis an extension of the popular“Folder Lock for Windows†* FEATURES: • Protect and hide sensitive audi
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