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Installing ICS-Miui-DSJ Multi Language ROM


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Download the ROM.

Download the ICS-ROM MIUI-DSJ

Root First,Tutorial Here

1)Copy the file downloaded zip file to the root of SD card Defy, done that, restart your smartphone and watch the LED NOTIFICATION.

2)When the notification LED turns blue, press the volume down, opens a screen with the name ANDROID boot menu, navigate to the volume key until the option Recovery +

-> and select it using the button on / off.


-> Select [Latest Recovery] (if any).

  • Recovery will open, select wipe data / factory reset and wait for the end
  • Choose go back

4)Navigate to the option Install from sdcard zip, open the screen to choose select zip from sdcard.

5)Apply the Rom Backup will not take long.

6)Wait until finished, the phone will auto restart and you will have the latest version of ICSMiuiDSJ

7)If you liked the theme shown in the video, go to settings, themes and choose the theme DSJ-1.

Thanks to Miui, Wajk e Galnet



Fixed bug in usb tethering

Gallery and Galery3D multlinguagem

inserted Realcalc

Inserted GPS Manager (alignment, updating database, etc.)

Go Launcher updated

Changes in the system in order to get more speed, stability and battery saving.

Improved script installation/update that now dispenses the wipe Dalvik and cache before and after installation, or just install the file and automatically at the end of the installation will be done wipe Dalvik and cache and the system will reboot itself.



(By Galnet)

Ported the ICS Framework, better memory management and battery;

Natively Plays wav, avi and wmv

(By Wajk)



-->The update of MIUI;

-->The calculator android (not functional) and put the realcalc free;

-->The voicedialer (only works in English);

-->The original Launcher (here is a personal thing, never liked the Launcher Miui) Go and put the launcher;

-->The Gadget clock and insert Miui Go Weather.

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Guys can some one suggest me ....After Installing CM ICS unable to use my phone pl I am in INDIA 
I searched few sites and came across its because Base Band issue for INDIA users can someone come up with a patch which will be gratefull for all users in INDIA
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