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[SKN] ICS 4.0 by LeSScro v1.0 [Released]


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Disable all other User Interface on TODAy (Sense, Titanium,SoSopi, SPB, etc)

Install Wisbar Advance Desktop on Memory device not on Storage Card (stability is better when run on device)

Install Mortscript 4.2 (not 4.3)

Install LeSScro ICS 4.0 by LeSScro cab (Compressed Cab with full stuff, maybe install will be longer...

restart device

Enjoy !

How to...

Create a shortcut ?

you need long press on each item to launch Shortcut manager (only LNK is supported)

Add shortcut on "App launcher" ?

press on empty space to add your app from start menu and follow instruction !

see battery status percentage ?

Clic on top bar to display a pop window with info

work auto-launch music when headset is active ?

you need manage shortcut to your player and when headset is on, ICS launch your fav music app

Configure weather ?

you need press "central" app button, go to "Settings", press on city to launch Weather Manager

Update weather and see forecast ?

Long press on picture or temp in Home page will launch updater... see progress on top bar

To see Forecast press picture on Home page, will slide to ICS 4.0 "Weather Forecast Widget extended"




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