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Warspear Online v2.0.1 by AIGRIND Signed [MMORPG]


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Warspear Online is a free online game which includes all the general features and best traditions of MMORPG games. When you enter the game you dive into a colorful world with its own history, full of unforgettable adventures. Here you can find new friends from all over the world. Appearance of your character depends on items you are equipped with.

Hundreds of unique quests won't let you get bored, and fights with various monsters in real-time mode will make the game exciting and eventful. You can estimate all advantages of the gameplay in real-time even on low-speed mobile Internet.


- 2 opposed factions, 6 classes, skills

- 700 original quests

- 1200 creatures

- 20 game locations and 30 dungeons

- Team quests and bosses

- Massive PVP

- Chats, friends and trade

What's New in This Release:

· Arena is now working.

· Fixed a crash when using the skills of "Earthquake" and "Trap" on the border between locations.

· Fixed a crash when deleting a hero.

· Daily quests to relics is now working.

· "Repair all items" button in the repair window added.

· Character, trapped at the border location, could move to another location.

· Quest «Falled things aren't lost» fixed all items are on their places.

· Quest «Lauthing Pumpkins» fixed number of items now correct.

· Cosmetic fixes.


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