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Where is Nokia Extractor by Szakalit?

Guest prayaas1998

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You can run the readimage.exe by command line too. Keep the .dll in the same folder. Open the cmd.exe change the directory to the  readimage.exe with .dll folder  then commands can be as below. C:\Nokia\devices\Nokia_Symbian3_SDK_v1.0\epoc32\tools>readimage.exe ------  This  is my default folder. Readimage - reader for Rom, Rofs and E32 images V2.02 (002) Copyright © 1996-2010 Nokia Corporation. Usage: readImage [options] [<-sis2iby> [sis-options]] <filename> Options: With no options, it prints the files and directories in image       -o      output file name       -d      dump header information(default)       -s      dump the directory structure       -v      dump image headers and directory structure       -e xxx  dump the xxx e32 image within the entire image when used along with -v or -s option       -h      this message       -z xxx  extract all the file(s) from the given image to xxx location       -l xxx  log the image contents on to xxx file       -x xxx  extract single or set of files as given in xxx from the given image       -r      recursively extract files from the sub-directories when used along with -x option SIS-options: Option -sis2iby changes the mode to generate IBY from SIS file       -sis2iby      generates iby file for the given SIS file       -tmpdir xxx  extract all sis file contents to xxx location       -outdir xxx  generates the iby file(s) to xxx location       -v            verbose output

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